You'd think successful marketing would be very costly, extensive and complex?



Here's one story that I feel is incredibly inspiring...

I don't know about you.

In case you are a long-time reader you already know that I admit to being a dog lover. My favorite is called „Rosa“ and is a Flat-Coated Retriever.

This is no exception for Germany.

Every 10th household has a dog as a family member. In France, every fourth family owns a dog.

For 3-4 days it became very hot in Germany - over 35°.

Dogs are not allowed to enter several stores.

This decision probably went through several rounds of corporate approval, yet no one looked at it with “customer logic”.

Only looked at it through the lens of “company logic".

I'm sure it makes perfect sense not to allow dogs in the store.

So, dog owners are forced to leave their dogs behind in the car. Even when the thermometer shoots up.

This can be dangerous for dogs that are in the heat of the car.

See what a few stores of Media Markt (consumer electronics retailer in Europe, owned by Metro Group) unconventionally did:


One customer saw this, took a photo, and posted it on Facebook.

It was "liked" by storm by more than 250.000 people and shared across the net.

See, I'm also doing.

With this easy humane campaign everybody benefits.

All the dogs. Including all dog lovers. Media Markt company.





Here’s the biggest takeaway for me and I hope for you too



Before doing any customer-related things: Get out of your own head and put yourself in the client's seat.


Let’s stop and ask a question:

“How are they going to perceive what I am about to do? Will it make sense to them?”


Love to take this inspiration into your next decisions


Please do. And you’ll find that you’ll have a more engaged, awake, and appreciative customer base.

And you’ll have a better time in your business too.

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