What if you got everything you needed to export more apparels to Europe?

This isn't an online course. This is a sales machine.


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Follow-Up Formula 

How to quickly sell in emails. Including sales email templates.

What if you could take your sales emails ...

From bye-bye to must-buy?

From mail to money?

From so-so to SOLD

...  All with just a few powerful tweaks that take under 48 hours?

Here's the mini course with email templates that'll get you thinking like a brilliant sales pro. 

The “well-intentioned” mistake that tanks sales emails for even the most tempting offers. 
3 types of offer emails that shape your buyers' beliefs…so placing orders is a no-brainer.
Three little words that’ll shift your messaging… and move your buyer from “I can skip it” to "I need this!”
How to milk and exponentially multiply the selling power of your best products.
My “secret sauce” of a successful sales email - so secret I didn’t even realize I was doing it. 🤫


The LinkedIn Connect Superpack

How to write attention-getting connects. Including invitation templates. 

That'll make connecting with European buyers on LinkedIn as easy as filling in the blanks and pressing 'send'.

Get to know more (big fish) buyers, use LinkedIn strategically
See more results on LinkedIn for time spent  
Make connecting with buyers on LinkedIn easy-peasy
Know what tricks to pull and moves to make to get the point to talk to buyers on LinkedIn
Bring your passion. Doesn't matter if you' run a factory. Or buying house. Or if you're an inhouse marketing expert. Bring all the capabilities and drive that make you so powerful and let the training shape you 


RMG Buyer Details Unlimited 

Every order starts with a relationship. Every relationship starts with their contact details.

Clarity on the right buyers for your products. What if you were the best person to find potential customers for your apparel export business fast...

Get the only 5 steps you’ll ever need for getting direct buyers' name, email and phone
Leverage a list of 500+ fashion retailers and brands in Europe
9 words for word scripts will help you what exactly to say to skip past gatekeepers
Validate and confidently reach the ideal buyers for what you sell
Expertly fix meetings without getting blocked


Easy Enter Academy

The only program you'll ever need to grow the number of your customers from Europe that support your export business for years to come. Including company introduction templates.

Easy Enter Academy for garment exporter is the proven system that guarantees you grow the number of your customer, RMG importers in Europe and open doors quickly and directly so that you can create a steady stream of orders, shipments, and revenue every single season. 

Nail down the foundational framework for selling for export to Europe
Get contact details of fashion buyers fast 
Confidently choose an approach strategy that gets buyers excited about what you’re producing to start the business
Build trust instantly and find the exact words that buyers in Europe need to hear before they buy
Craft an irresistible company introduction

Need help to decide for the next step?

Beloved by garment exporters worldwide

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"Thanks for all... this will be great help in my carrier. Thanks."🙏 Swapan

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It’s really fantastic and outstanding with needful for us.

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The Half Hour Lite is perfect for you if

We’ve never worked together, and you want to dip your toe. Let’s do a test run. 

I know the grind of starting out, of having the spark of an idea and doing everything you can to bring it to life. These 30 minutes give early-stage garment exporter a roadmap for their journey
You have a single issue, and you want my ears and eyes open to get my quick, gut hit, “change this, keep that, do this stronger” initial thoughts.
You want to “pick my brain.” About the German market, customers, about smart moves to get things up and running quickly.

Please remember what half an hour is: 30 minutes. 

Think how fast that goes.

So, nuh uh, I can’t tell you how to enter your dream customer in a half hour or review your website or tell you how to get buyer details.

Or come up with a genius business strategy, unless there’s a lightning-quick moment (it happens now and then, but I can’t promise it). 

If that’s what you’re looking for, I’d recommend a larger package.

***Know you’re going to want more than 1 hour? Get 3 hours for the special price of 397€. That’s 41€ off the normal total.***

The Power Hour is perfect for you if:

A single Power Hour can accomplish one of these things. ONE.

You’ve got a company introduction, a company profile, a website, or other piece of writing that’s not converting. For instance, you need to turn your blah company introduction into when-can-we-meet or please-quote-this-article action.
I’ll give it targeted content, word, image changes that resonate with European garment buyers and suggestions to make it way more powerful, persuasive, and precise. This isn’t a total rewrite. It's a review with suggestions. I’ll crank out a batch of options. Most clients have too many favorites to choose from. Luxury problem.
Where in your marketing material can you change strategy, words, images to make way more money and attract your ideal buyers? I’ll do a whole speed review and walk through the notes with you.
You have trouble to finding out the contact information of potential buyers. I'll show you. 
Plus, you'll get my buyers field guide with 500+ fashion retailers and brands in Europe. This guide is golden.
Or you want one little secret on how to follow-up powerfully so even more buyers say yes to your offers? You'll get my case study plus step-by-step how to log this in. (Spoiler: that's magical and works all the time)  

Do I do all this on my own, or on Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp call with you, or half ‘n’ half? When you book, I’ll figure it out with you. Don’t worry, I’ll know.

***Know you’re going to want more than 1 hour? Get 3 hours for the special price of 397€. That’s 41€ off the normal total.***

The Scale Day is perfect for you if:

I’m yours for 6 straight hours.

Alllll yours. We might work together, or we might kick things off with a call, and then I tackle your issues and goals on my own… and give it back to you all pretty and fresh-smelling and money-making. 

You need a whole marketing segment created, revamped, reconfigured, or possibly torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. 

So you'll tell buyers things that they need to see and hear in order to place orders with you.


company introduction 
business profile
website content (homepage, means your entry first page)

…Pick one. Who knows, maybe we’ll get to two days, or squeeze in some hours. But on average, a marketing field above takes a day.

***Got more than the above to create? Your whole website? A company profile? A presentation of your company that you show when buyers visit your factory? We’ll talk. But plan on this day-per-page average.***



Ask away.