Give yourself the easy way to write offers that sell.

How to get garment orders from your emails. Fast.

What does your next customer, sitting quietly in their office need to hear from you to place orders? Find out. And write it right. With Follow-Up Formula.

How to instantly & dramatically increase your orders. 

Warning: This workshop doesn't teach you writing basics for emails. It teaches you how to make your offers *irresistible* to get garment export orders.

Trust that cold prospecting that reads like SPAM is, indeed, the dead-end you think it is…

As you waited, after you sent your company introduction, you'll do one of two things:

You can do nothing. Just let the thought fade ... until you recognized two weeks have passed - crickets. Or a "We keep your profile in our records and get back to you if needed." brings it screaming back.

Or you could plan your follow up in advance. And stop worrying entirely as your follow-up skills grow.

You commit to your strategic plan and your templates.

Until you're thrilled to see the new bulk garment orders you pulled in. 

As you waited, after you sent your company introduction, you'll do one of two things:

You can do nothing. Just let the thought fade ... until you recognized two weeks have passed - crickets. 

Alternatively, a "We keep your profile in our records and get back to you if needed." brings it screaming back.

Or you could plan your follow up in advance. And stop worrying entirely as your follow-up skills grow.

You commit to your strategic plan and your templates.

Until you're thrilled to see the new bulk orders you pulled in. 

As you waited, after you sent your company introduction, you'll do one of two things:

You can do nothing. Just let the thought fade ... until you recognized two weeks have passed - crickets. Or a "We keep your profile in our records and get back to you if needed." brings it screaming back.

Or you could plan your follow up in advance. And stop worrying entirely as your follow-up skills grow.

You commit to your strategic plan and your templates.

Until you're thrilled to see the new bulk orders you pulled in. 

If you...

secretly feel hesitant because you're afraid of rejection, appearing too pushy, annoying potential customers or scaring them off - even though you try to push through...
think it seems like you can't find any more words to convince anyone to give their garment orders - even though you are more than ready to roll up your sleeves...
start resending the same message writing "RESEND" on top of your message - even you know it might get marked as spam...
just honestly forget to follow-up. Running order shipments, travelling, family occasion, too busy - even for your most lucrative potential buyers...
assume (incorrectly) that if the buyer would be interested, they‘ll make the effort to reach out back on their own - even though this never happened before...

Then you follow up.

Which brings us to:

How getting orders actually works

"Thanks for your email. Good to hear from you again. You really stand out! That's exactly what we need. Please quote the Tech packs attached. Can we do a video call tomorrow at 9 am, German time?"

The most successful garment exporters know that

what ends up in fresh garment orders is the final step of a methodical process.

A process that ensures you understand exactly what is most likely to get your buyers to:

Know, like and trust you
Want to meet you
Send their inquiries
Need your services
Place their apparel orders
Place their apparel orders again

Write proposals that fit into the real lives of real buyers.

Find the exact words your customers need to hear before they start placing orders.

Use time-tested sales techniques, psychological principles and scientific studies about persuasion and relationships.

Add them in powerful email sequences that you start sending to everybody you introduced yourself to. 

Do that while your potential customer still remembers who you are and what your business is all about. 

Make your offers so attractive to your potential buyers that they can‘t resist going the next step.

I'll show you how to bond them to you, and warm them to whatever you sell. 

Weave in powerful proof, without seeming like a braggy blowhard.  (We are one of the leading...) 

And you‘re on the fast lane for attracting more and better customers for the lifestyle you want.

Because the offer is only about ONE thing:

How you can stand out from all the other cookie-cutter, cut-and-paste offers to retailers and brands and become an instant "this one!" from the best buyers in Europe, or anywhere else.


Follow-Up Formula

The easiest way to a "here's my inquiry." Offers that get your potential buyers excited. And your garment orders placed.

It's the ultimate guide to writing offers that RMG retailers and brands from Europe want to read and place apparel orders from.

It makes your message the only one worth reading in your best buyers' inbox. And keep them coming back for more.

What's inside

A simple map with proven can't-get-it-wrong offer templates in your industry. All you have to do is to add your own voice DNA.

From the subject line to the irresistible catch to signoff. 

Mostly PDF-based, over 60 pages. 

Get your business back

- fashion retailers

- apparel brands

- hypermarkets 

- garment importers 

in Europe or elsewhere

Guiding you through the background on why they work.

Get a factory filling sequence of your own lucrative offer emails. 

Want to create that
"I need that, take my order" moment?

From just your proposal emails?

Ohhh, you do. Follow Up Formula shows you how.


The at a glance offer templates with word-for-word examples and the bare-bones to fill in your own words

A boiled-down, "here's what to say in your sales emails" template series after your initial approach - how to follow up with your prospects, plus how to time it.

Now you can improve your marketing skills in one evening.

These templates are already proven to massively drive up attention, interest and lucrative replies.

Video Training: "Secrets to sales emails that get you everywhere"

Pillars of a successful follow-up. Why more is more and how to leverage simple tricks to grab ALL buyers interest (You might wonder ALL, yes, all my friend.)
How to be more concise, including how you can paint vivid dangerously attractive pictures.
Inject storytelling to build buzz.
Three little words that’ll shift your messaging...and move your buyers from "I can skip it" to "Oh, I need this!" 
Become unforgettable.
Different angles and buying drivers, adding humor, seeding and so much more. And a Q&A at the end.
My "secret sauce" of a successful sales email - so secret I didn’t even realize I was doing it 🤫

Ultimate follow-up sales email checklist

At-a-glace, check it before hitting "send", so you cover all the emotional bases of a sales-goal-busting offer email.

Delightfully smart. Surprisingly simple.

Now you can convince, without trying too hard.

Even if you had doubts that buyers take on new suppliers.

You're about to take a key step to making a frequent path for new customers in Europe or elsewhere. 

Get buyers who "never write back to anyone" to write back to YOU.

Pre-written offer email templates. Fill in the blanks with your own data. Boom. Ready to hit "send" button.

Timetables. So you know exactly at what day to send which offer email with strategy and content. Timing matters.

1-hour recorded video training. Including Q&A portion at the end. Get ready for big aha's. 

Over 60 pages PDF format, easy-to -digest guide. Detailed breakdown. Keep it on your desk for always.

Put Follow-Up Formula to use, sit back, and watch those new orders come in.

"My top potential buyer asked me to come meet her"

My top buyer asked me to come meet her.

This happened after I sent them a personalized follow-up as I learned from Heike and it worked!!

Heike is what we all need today - a guide, teacher, mentor, coach, and a great friend - all in one. 

Heike‘s inputs always trigger something inside of me. 

What more can one ask for to achieve one's goals? Her biggest asset is her "no-nonsense", polished approach. 

One can use her teachings as a template without worrying about the outcome - Because they work!

- Ashutosh Jaiswal, AJ Apparels, Author, New Delhi, India  

"New guide line to progress after the pandemic"

Heike's new Follow-Up Formula is just awesome. 

I have really been motivated by this and given me a new guideline to progress my business even after the situations of pandemic. 

There were a lot of thinking in my mind which solutions have been given here. 


I appreciate her as a mentor for this great job to set my mind in appropriate time.

Moidul, Managing Director & CEO, Aeximtex Fashion Concern Ltd. Dhaka, Bangladesh

"Easy to implement actions and healthy business."

The way she used the presentation and its tools in Follow Up Formula were incredible and created such an engaging chapters every time. 

Not just because she kept us engaged in all the chapters, but she gave tangible actions we can take and avoided one-liners and clichés to our buyers. 

She spoke about her raw experience, which resonated, and gave easy to implement actions. 

Also LOVED how connected I felt through these sessions/chapters. 

Simple chapters that I’ll continue on in life was taught to each and every one.

Heike is my favourite. She held the most important discussion about being your real self in the workplace and learning how to find your happy customer. 

I really really REALLY hope that my colleagues and leadership continue to hear her messages and implement the changes she recommends so that we can build a better work place and healthy business.

Shruthika Sethu Madhavan, General Manager at Bnt Innovations Private Limited, Tirupur, India

"Innovative indeed."

It is a tremendous opportunity for me to be introduced with a person like Ms. Heike. Not only as a professional in fashion business she is also great as a human. 

Md. Fazlul Hoque, Managing Director, Plummy Fashions Ltd, The Greenest Knitwear Factory of the World, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Big Like! I like structure and this is very good.

I highly recommend this follow-up guide from Heike who has years of experience in this field. I myself have learned a lot from her. 

She is one of the best sources in this expertise. 

If you search for a practical guide for follow-up emails, look no further. 

You can start immediately with all the clear examples provided in this guide. 

- Bert Boex, Business Development, Textiles Esstee Exports - Centex, Brussels, Belgium

It seem previously "difficult to do" or not working

Excellent tool for improving performance in a difficult process of communication with new customers.

Heike's advice help to systematize the approach to communication in general, inspires actions and steps that previously seemed “difficult to do” or not working.

I intuitively guessed about some methods and possible actions but did not dare to apply. 

And Heike's course helped me to try and understand on practice that it works.

Maybe not all the tips will be unambiguously clear at the first reading.

But after 2-3 attempts of practical application, everything organically falls into place in my mind. 

And the tools start to work systematically and answer key questions for the whole process: 


Follow-Up Formula is a useful tool for effective communication.

- Alexander Suslenkov, Business Development and Global Sourcing, Moscow, Russia

In this easy-to-digest guide, you'll learn how to...

Seed interest for your company.
Get buyers keep you top of mind.
Apparel buyers start to know, like and trust you.
Add LinkedIn in a smart way to the mrketing mix.
Never loose connection with prospective buyers but build long-lasting relationships.
Create urgent "I need that NOW" emotion.
Keep potential buyers hooked on your proposals even if they don't think they're interested (that can change!)
Make your offers stick .
Bust stubborn objections (Like: "We're not looking for a new supplier right now...")
Create a combo platter of trust and burning: "I need that" or "Here's my order" to make buying from you a no-brainer.
Get great emails into your best buyers' hands. They make you a star-exporter. Potentially, a rich one.

By the end of the program, you'll be able to...

Show a convincing connection between the product, your own company and them.
A simple mindset fix that will help you knock out the fear of rejection for good (REALLY!).
Use the art of the start: How to jump into a customer outreach.
Make your follow-up "appropriate" to keep buyers from getting annoyed.
Direct is good.  You'll know exactly how direct subject lines should be.
Length. How long is too long? You'll write with clarity and precision.
Time a perfect marketing sequence with effective offers that get results.
Mistakes me (Heike Siegel) made and I'll tell you to avoid
Use preview-texts
To stop emailing, and use this as a turnaround
Keep your business proposal short but still persuasive
Organize when you have many buyers in your pipeline
Make your offer super individual and not reinvent the wheel every time. 
Implement the difference between a "who cares" sales message and a sales message
Churn out offer emails in half the time, with none of the pressure.
Put an end on “marketing speak” in a way that backfires. Ensure you never sound stiff and robotic again.(This not only kills sales but destroys your credibility.)
Sell with confidence

It's more of my style. It's an eye opener which I have not done before.

I really like Heike's Follow Up Formula. 

It is more of my style. 

Though we do follow up with buyer but after reading Heike’s PDF Mantra on follow up is an eye opener which I have not done before. 

Useful hot tips, also like some points of avoiding and what I like most is formats and templates, simple and to the point. 

I really love the idea of a follow up file. 

Barath Kumar, CEO, Ganador Apparel Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh 

Excellent technique about reply rate

I finished the Follow-Up Formula. It's a wonderful guideline. 

I am applying some ideas to my existing job, because here’s lots of competition. 

The Follow-Up Formula all of the template are more attractive, I like it mostly. 

Here I know about an excellence technique about reply rate. Here all of the issues are very much helping. 

Specially I like all of the touchpoints. Follow up channels are also very much helpful. 

Finally Heike makes a wonderful checklist.

- Serajul Islam, CEO, Seeneen International, Dhaka, Bangladesh

"The insights are amazing and make so much sense."

Heike's mini course on the Follow-Up formula came at a time when I was truly doubting my efforts. 

I constantly kept asking myself about how much is too much follow up and what the follow up material should be that doesn't get my prospect marking my emails as spam. 

And I have been following up with my prospects regularly but after going through this course I now know why the response rate has been so low!

It is an eye opener for me! 

The insights you have put are amazing and they all make so much sense. Now I know exactly why that was so. 

I would call Heike's Follow-Up Formula a 6 dimensional formula where she walks us step by step, covering every possible point. 

From the email address to the subject line, from the greeting to the closing and of course the main text, explaining everything through examples or templates from her personal experience which makes it easier to navigate and understand. 

For all the sales people in the RMG sector, I highly recommend this mini course. If you are struggling and scratching your head about the magic formula that delivers results on your follow up strategy, this course is for you.

- Sarah Adnan Garment Resources, SAAM International, Proprietor, Karachi, Pakistan

"Follow-Up Formula is mindblowing and very thoughtful."

60+ pages, PDF format, read it on your screen or print it, bind it, laminate it, keep it on your desk for always.

Devour my best sales email writing secrets to:

Ditch the copy-paste, samey, salesy emails everyone else is using (I can tell!) and stand out - even when everyone's trying to get orders at once.

Write you and your potential buyers into a journey together, so they stay by your side all the way to start the business.

Reveal details that create both relatability and authority of working with you.

Leverage the 'first glance' trick for higher reply rates (that even most top garment exporter don’t know).

Be unforgettable - literally (leave this one thing out of your offer, and buyers might have no idea who you are).

Seed interest and whip up hot desire for your production - so they barely even look at the price before placing orders. (Remember, price is by far not the only indicator!)

Create intimacy just with your emails that makes your buyers trust you instantly.

Hit your buyer’s emotional sweet spot by incorporating psychological triggers.

Segue gracefully from a personal approach to an offer pitch that sells.

Capture the attention of even the most ruthless, impatient RMG buyers with one single word.

Write “must-open” subject lines - even when garment buyers are determined to ignore the company profile.

Smash objections - from "We’re good with our suppliers right now" to "We have our business partner in Bangladesh/ India/Pakistan etc already” to "We’re getting back to you once we’re interested” . 



It shouldn't be hard to get
garment orders.

You in?


How quickly can I see results with Follow-Up Formula?

... and answers to other smart questions

Q 1. How quickly can I see results with Follow-Up Formula?

The answer is: much faster than everyone's not-so favorite trial and error approach.

That said, how quickly you see results will depend on certain business factors – things like: whether or not you’ve contacted buyers already, whether or not you’re actively marketing, how many potential buyers you have approached, etc.

For example, a garment exporter with an active, growing potential customers list could see results from sales emails in a few hours after hitting send.

On the other hand, a start-up business with less than 5 customers approached may need a few months to see results from a new follow-up sales email campaign. 

Regardless of where you are now, Follow-Up Formula shows you exactly what steps to take with your sales emails to get to that next growth stage in your business – in a surprisingly short timeframe.

Q2. I already have and love Easy Enter Academy. Do I really need Follow Up Formula mini training?
What's the difference?

And the answer is YES! 100% different.

Whereas the Easy Enter Academy, shows you how to nail it with an irresistible company introduction...

Follow Up Formula focusses specifically on the art of a high converting, factory-filling follow-up email sequence.

And, as with everything I create, it's a perfect complement to Easy Enter Academy.

Follow-Up Formula is a high-level deep dive into compelling, personable, and persuasive follow-up email writing.

Email templates with backgrounds on why they work, with over 60 pages.

You'll see magic transformations of applying psychological triggers into your follow-up emails, plus pre-written emails: emails that work well, showing you exactly why they work (and how you can apply the same techniques to yours).

It covers selling strategy as well as writing craft.

For instance:

- What do you say to your potential apparel buyers to warm them up to start a cooperation with you?

- What do you say to them the moment you introduced yourself, so they know-like-and trust you (and order from you)?

- What do you say when they're not replying at all? Or with: "Thanks, we're not looking for a new supplier right now"?

There's no overlap in content with Easy Enter Academy except that you'll see the fundamental selling techniques from Easy Enter Academy (like "show, don't tell," using "you" to snap buyer to attention...) brought to life in new ways in Follow-Up Formula.

Q3. Can Follow-Up Formula really help me pull in more buyers and orders?

Follow-Up Formula shows you how to measurably improve each and every metric on the way to a successful business growth.

Mizanur R. factory owner used Follow-Up Formula to increase the numbers of appointments, and as a result, he quickly connected with few good retailers in the market (when previously order volume was sitting at 7 million USD turnover).

- Buying house business of Syed Ahmed used Follow-Up Formula sales email mini-training to get one buyer he said his friend is handling their orders. They are placing 3 season orders and they are very good at their payment mood and are good with suppliers when any problem comes, they try to understand the situation of supplier. Her got orders of $225,300 turnover in the first slow season from them.

- Ruhul Talukder used Easy Enter Academy and Follow-Up Formula generated more than 80K with 3 buyers and has 4 part-time employees now in the first year, surpassing his goals for his start-up as sourcing manger.

Of course, I can’t guarantee your success. You have to be willing to put in the work. But the payoff can be incredibly rewarding.

I CAN guarantee you’ll get all the training, templates and tools you need to write follow-up emails that converts at every critical juncture of your approach.

Q4.  What if I hate following up? I don't want to be a pest.

Follow-Up Formula shows you how to measurably improve each and every metric on the way to a successful business growth.

You might even end up becoming obsessed about it once you feel really good about what you write and reap the rewards.

Follow-Up Formula eases you into following up consistently. It's kind of the way you learned to ride a bike. It gets you going... and then you don't even know I let go, and you're doing it. You become a follow-up hero.

Q5.  How long will Follow Up Formula take me to complete?

Follow-Up Formula shows you how to measurably improve each and every metric on the way to a successful business growth.

First of all, you get instant access to the whole mini course. It's not a video training that takes you weeks - it's a 60+ pages PDF to download and use. 

And you have eventually the chance to participate in a live online training with Q&A "Secrets to emails that get you everywhere" as a bonus.

So you can binge it in one sitting, like Alexander (see his review above), or you can course it out over time. How long that takes you depends on how fast you read, and how thoroughly you take in the notes, and whether you take action as you go.

You might skim over the mini course PDF and immediately run off to write an email to your potential customers, or to change up your email that you used before.

My prediction: You'll be inspired to get writing to your potential customers again and again.

Prepare to follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. 

And sell, sell, sell.

WARNING to your brain:
a massive flood of ideas is coming! 

A few strategic tweaks make your ideal RMG buyers want to act on every email you send... and on every offer.

Yes. It works.



© Heike Siegel,
Smart Garment Exporter 2014-2023


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