How to deal with an angry garment buyer

Do you prefer coffee or tea?


What tribe do you belong to? Do you assign to the tea or coffee team?

If you like to enjoy coffee and very specific also latte - let me share with you why a latte has changed my sales behavior in a smart way...

From coffee to love...

Science shows that if a couple leads a married life and all go happy & smooth, they don't feel so connected with each other as when they are forced to overcome together misfortune. They stand together, conquer, fight, achieve.
It is not only happiness that builds relationships also tragedy helps to build an even stronger bond.
Plus, scientists discovered that we fall easier in love with somebody when we are in a physically excited, alarmed state.
When you ran to the gate in the airport where you are about to miss the flight... your heart bumping, hands wet, heavily breathing.
With last energy, you manage you get into the plane and fall into a seat next to an attractive person.
There's a good chance that you start to recognize that the person is not really so attractive when your physical system has cooled down...



Why this story?

Because strong feelings help to open the gates to connect or disconnect from each other.

Mistakes happen and due to this, you have to face sometimes a furious customer.

Back to coffee now...and here comes the Latte-System into the picture that Starbucks has established.


You can use the formula on how to handle displeased, unsatisfied customers


Like complaints and claims. We all have to deal with it - now and then.

LATTE is a simple acronym for

  • listen

  • acknowledge the problem

  • thank

  • take action for solving

  • explain that it will never happen again


Pretty easy and quite obvious?

We handle also in our private life angry husbands, upset neighbors, or annoyed children.

Part of the things we do naturally like listen and acknowledge for example.

Other things like "thank" might need some practice. At least in my case.

Why thanking?

When a customer complains you have the possibility to turn it into something good.

Just imagine your client feels unsatisfied and raging, not tell anything and just close the cooperation- you can't do anything.

So, getting a complaint is basically a chance and an offer for you to take action.



Often in a business context, things look different.

  • no reply (only after several reminders)

  • no acknowledgment (trying to put somebody else in the mistake)

  • no sympathy

  • no action

  • no explanation and no excuse

  • no assurance that it'll not happen again


How can a customer deal with this except turning his/her back and walking away?

There are mainly 3 ways of complaints

  • in personal
  • by telephone/skype
  • by mail

Have a clear plan for all three.

Let's start to almost embrace complaints as opportunities to build a stronger customer relationship.

And it helps you to improve your organization.

So, whatever you do first think about the transformation you like to achieve with your reply.

That is always the first question, what is your intent?

If your aim is to find a solution, continue this partnership and win the angry person back the LATTE- concept is simple to do.



Start with the mindset that the customer has a valid point


Not that they are trying to rip you off.

It is true that there are some professional complainers out there: But they are in the minority. And after some time, you get to know them anyway.

And can decide if you like to continue this cooperation.

Ask the questions you need to know to understand all. Request, if necessary, the time to check and examine and fix the problem in your organization.

Listen, acknowledge, thank, take action, and explain (not happen again). Often, I personally add one "A" for apologizing.

So, to remember you could take it as: "a latte"

If done correctly this can even build a stronger partnership with your customer.

They experience that when a difficulty caused by your side happens, you are willing to acknowledge and take action to help solve it.

That is a fruitful ground for trust and that your client doesn't need to worry in case something happens again.

You act like a real partner.

And this boosts confidence, the buyers appreciate, and this turns finally into improved business for you.

One thing in addition. The time factor- which I consider as important. If you get a complaint - react in the same quick time as if you'd get an order inquiry.

Treat this with importance as it is in many cases important for your buyer.

Show the highest priority and your immediate concern to find a commitment that your client can accept.



1 - sentence - formula


I know you guys love examples.  So, here's a useful one-sentence formula.  Here's how you can reply almost immediately to any kind of problem with this ONE SENTENCE:


 " I'm sorry to hear that this ... (problem) has happened."

Even if the matter is not yet clear.

Just to be clear here: this is no admittance. Just saying that you understand that there's some kind of problem and that you are sorry for it.

Then you move on.



Extra tip


I hate things like: “We kindly regret your inconvenience caused.”

Static and not human. Not real.

You would also not say to a friend when you accidentally closed the car door with their thumb in between: “I'm sorry for the

convenience caused.”


Last thing a stat


It costs at least five times as much to gain a new customer than keep an existing one.

Keeping a complaining customer should be the top priority, and at these cost ratios, you can afford to be generous in your effort.

Hope this gives you some inspiration.

Please share your experiences.

Would love to hear your ideas.

Thanks, talk soon



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