3 common mistakes to avoid in garment sales

Have you ever moved houses?


Do you remember the huge challenge to find the right spot for you - up to the last tiny thing in your household has found a new place?

Moving is quite a task.

Greetings from a brand new home… Well, I shifted last week.
From South to up North to Hamburg.

Shifting is just half the battle.

Finding the right home is the other.

Today, I like to share a story with you about what happened to my husband and me during this search.

We're dealing with real estate agents, however, there are things I learned.

Yes, you might think that this is a different industry – selling garments is not comparable to selling rental contracts

And that might be right.

I totally get that.

But do you also love to see different situations, circumstances, or industries and implement the things you like about them in your own business?

Here's what happened:



First house meeting 

A pretty female real estate agent. Her voice sounds like a morning radio host. Bright fake smile but still friendly vibes. Frantic rapid moves.

After greeting we rush through each room. She hardly stops talking.

She chats that she’s just returned from her holiday in blabla (sorry, I forgot where it was) and mumbles that blabla.

Because of this, we don’t say much, feeling a little overwhelmed.

She continues sharing stories about the people who were living there.

“They were from England!” (Reall? Who cares. They obviously already moved back). 

And informed in depth where the next bus stop is located. (We never take the bus).

“Walking distance to the nearest school! Ah- excellent, very useful, right? It’s a great school.” (We don’t have children)

Until finally getting back to the entrance again we informed her that we will let her know next week if we are interested.

Are we?

Good-bye, good-bye.



Second house meeting

A middle-aged sophisticated heavy man with less hair.

Broad confident smile.

“Thanks for showing up on time and hope you had a good trip, a long journey from South to North, right? Just a minute, before we enter the house there’s something I like to show you…” 

We step a few meters behind a bush and find ourselves in a wonderful green park.

“Because I remember you have a dog and that might be comfortable to have close by.”

Staying in front of the house he says: ”We are going now inside. It’ll take around 30 Minutes. Please take off your shoes. Feel free to ask me any questions you like.

After you’ve seen all, we will come back here again and discuss the next steps. Let’s go, please come!”

He offers the framework – we follow.

He is leading us through every room.

At our own pace.

He enters one room – we follow.

He did not say anything. No word from him.

When we have a question, he replies.

Finally, he says: ”This is the last room. Any further room you like to see again, or any questions left?

If not, we’ll step outside now and discuss the next moves.”

We put on our shoes and leave the house.

He requires to know: ”Are you interested to rent?”

We are.

Frankly, directly, straight to the point.

Not sugar coating anything he tells what we from our side need to fulfill to enable us to rent this home.


Takeaway one

I mention these two short happenings because it relates to an important skill that salespersons need to develop if they ultimately want to do the best job possible.

And it comes back to your client.

It’s one thing to know facts about your client. Like what fashion direction, what price level they buy, where they spend their vacation...

But you take it to an entirely new level if you’re able to understand how they think and feel.

Being able to

  • see the world through their eyes
  • ask the questions that refer to the problem that your product solves
  • understand their emotional state and the impact of your cooperation/product on their everyday life

It’s the ability to open doors.

This magic talent is called empathy.

A human power beyond all tactics and strategies.

Takeaway 2



Make it your show.

But do it all about them.

Pretty simple, right?

You need to take the lead through the meeting.

Tell exactly the frame but put the topics & the content and subject matter customized about your specific client.


Takeaway 3


This is a very tricky trap.

This comes as no surprise, but it’s worth remembering.

To assume what your client thinks, needs, and wants.

To believe you know it. Even it seems "likely".

Because you just can’t.

Nobody can.

So, the only possibility is to use empathy and: ask questions.

To discover what customers really want.




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    12 replies to "3 common mistakes to avoid in garment sales"

    • Very interesting

    • very nice story

    • Sheikh Awais

      Interesting nd nice ?

    • really interesting…thanks

    • Fazmil

      hey….it’s really interesting.

      both your stories running like a movie in front of me

      though we haven’t spoke a sigle word, I would say, your sentence “She hardly stops talking” would mirror yourself. (sorry kidding)

      • office@begierde-design.com


    • Rajesh Rangaraj

      Message conveyed aptly to a nice story which we can visualize !!!! thanks

    • Rafiqul Islam Rafiq

      Not symbolic but practical stent.

    • Galib

      The two selling approach had two different effects on customer: One failed and one successful.

      I think even the two houses were same (in design, place, rental amount, etc), you would rent the second house just for the second sales person’s descent approach.

      So do we think the first house will never be rented. No, Of course, someone will rent it.

      So what the difference: Some selling approach may not like some customers and at the same time other customers may like. So sales person what to do! I think they need to understand customers need and their hearts and mentality.

      In my view: Right product at Right price to Right customer may not work and successful, just for the wrong approach of sales person.

      After all, this good insightful post by Heike is great learning for us who are in selling and marketing profession.

      • Thank you very much for reading Toha Galib.
        So glad you enjoyed the post. And nice addition, you touched the point that some selling approach may or may not be liked by someone. Very individually.
        Thanks for sharing.


      Wonderful journey of learning and reassuring yourself that ,there are different routes to a common goal. Life gives you a chance to learn and share the best that you know!
      Thanks Hieke it has been pleasure of learning with you.
      God Bless!

      • ARUN GUPTA thank you for coming on this journey with me. And thanks for being active and engaged, really appreciate that…

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