The scale day is perfect for you if:

If you are a garment exporter or in-house marketing / salesperson and you can clearly envision a world in which you generate 100.000 dollars a year more ... 

but you're not sure how to get there and you know you can't do it with brute force alone, book a scale day now.

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... Pick one. Who knows, maybe we’ll get to two days, or squeeze in some hours. But on average, a marketing field above takes a day.

"Your review, basically your thinking is very helpful and it's really another level."  - Muidh

"I just landed a new customer order sheet this will realise my efforts and I will use this as my life time guidance. It's very much usefull to us, I am updating all my messages." - Selvam

"Lovely, it's working!" - Munir

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