A single Power Hour can accomplish one of these things:

You’ve got a company introduction, a company profile, a website, or other marketing asset that’s not giving you enough result. 

I’ll give it targeted content, word, image changes that resonate with European garment buyers and suggestions to make it way more powerful, persuasive, and precise. 

This isn’t a total rewrite. It's a review with suggestions.

 I’ll crank out a batch of options. Most clients have too many favorites to choose from. Luxury problem.

"It is very useful for my business and will increase to tenfold because of your guidance and helping us" - Kanthilal

"IMPRESSIVE I am getting crazy to focus me to big clients. Thank you Heike." - RATAN 

"Find it such a persuasive and professional way to interact and introduce the services we offer. Simply best. Very worthy." - Eftekhar

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