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I am NOT going to tell you this now...

You know that expression" Did you know that...? "

For instance, when I’m asking my husband Jürgen: 


... an egg contains every vitamin except vitamin C?

... knitwear are the best-selling products in retail in Germany during corona?

... Thomas is on holiday in Switzerland?

He says yes



Short, clear, confident.

To be honest it took me years to get what he was doing there. I thought he’s knowledgeable. Well, he is…

Because what follows after the did you know that…   is always the thing to know. I’m giving the answer.

No way to prove if he knew it or not.

It's true: the words we use matter. 

It's why I'm always on the lookout for words that help my members sell. 

For instance, today I landed on a homepage of a garment exporter reading:

 "___ is the shining galaxy of the apparel universe'"



Okay, there are times you change a phrase because you hate the usual and find it overused... and you lose buyers. 

Because attention spans of buyers are short. Even more when they just don’t get it. 

They won’t spend the time to demystify what is this company actually doing in the galaxy. Hold on, is it some sort of astronomical exhibition, school for designing, apparel retailer, textile machinery, no wait - it's a gallery...?

How about making it simple for your buyers? 

As in 

"___  is a manufacturer and exporter of knitted garments.'

That's not clever and not convincing. 

It doesn't need to be in the first line. 

Just clear.

Convincing comes after that.

For example, you can't browse through LinkedIn without hitting a sourcing office who doesn't want to call themselves a sourcing office.

Sure. I feel that.

But they complicate it by calling themselves 'state-of-art apparel supply chain solution provider' which, what? 

I believe that most people who want a sourcing office ... want a sourcing office. 

I'm not saying there aren't great exceptions that are more specific and perfectly clear, at least to the right buyers. I'm pro-originality and all about being inventive in marketing. 

What I'm saying is that when you're selling and exporting garment, you want to make sure your words match what garment buyers 're looking for. 

>>> That's called "resonance."

If you want to work on that, join my live training. It's free. 

It's about tweaks to strike the right chord with the right buyers, so they say, I NEED THAT! 

My friend: 

Did you know that... you better make it crystal clear in the first line of your homepage WHAT your business is all about?

I knew, you knew.

Stay safe and talk soon,


P.S. Fun Fact: now the 'did-you-know-that…-thing' … became a running joke with Jürgen. 

He tries to fool me and I’m making faces saying in his accent (he’s coming from another area in Germany where people speak slang) Oh yes, you knew… – … (We’re a weird couple)  

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