Hi Smart Garment Exporter,

Things have changed and we’re in it for some time.

I want to touch base with you, ❤️ heart to heart ❤️.

First, I hope you, your family, and your loved ones are safe.

There's so much advice flying around right now how to respond to the great uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Yes, fashion retailers and brands in Europe and elsewhere closed their stores for the moment. Retailers offering food & fashion (like Lidl, Aldi & Co) still operate. Parcels are distributed but consumers buy things they believe they need. Not for pleasure. Nobody will see that new fancy shirt anyway, since man people stay at home. Customers holding shipments. Category management teams work from home or take time off to be with their kids.

I'm in Hamburg with my husband Jürgen. We've canceled all trips. I'm not going to see my parents in Frankfurt, we're staying home because we're determined to do whatever we can to help flatten the curve. The more we stay home, the faster we'll move through this coronavirus crisis.

I feel strongly that the most important thing now is to protect yourself, your family, employees, coworkers, friends, neighbors, your city, country. And the rest. To stand as a global family.

For many garment exporters, life was hard before this pandemic. Now many people are feeling understandably afraid.

Truth is, it's too early to know what the future is going to look like - immediate or long-term.

Remain strong and mindful, so you can lead. I have every confidence that the stronger we are in our mental, emotional and physical self-care, the more healthy we will stay, and with that the stronger we'll be for our country at a large.

And of course, I'll be in your inbox again.

If you like to join our Smart Garment Exporter Community - you do it here.

We’re in this together, friend.

I want you to know that I’m here for you no matter what and I'm working hard to create even more resources to help you through this crazy time.

In the meantime, take really good care of yourself.

If at all possible, keep a good distance from other people.

All my best

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    • Lincoln

      hi there , its a nice letter. Though everyone is very tired of being at home and top of that trying every 5 mins forecasting what will be the future. What will it look like, how we gonna survive etc etc.
      But at the end – we will see beautiful sunshine and everything will be ok.
      We will try to be positive as long as we can 🙂
      Stay home stay safe best regards for you and your loved one.

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