Hi Smart Garment Exporter,

You're probably already using them - but if you're not - today a quick tip for two of my favourite tools to help you go through these crazy pandemic times.




We need to work and collaborate now with people from a physical distance.

Now that you’re starting to manage a lot of moving parts, you’ve got to stay organized.

These two tools I'm using for several years. (nope, I'm not an affiliate)


If you've been on one of my online training and masterclasses, you know this well:

  • Zoom for online meetings (unlimited people, easy screen-sharing included)

And this other tool I'm using and loving

  • Asana to collaborate on projects and tasks (Stay organized with an external team. Everybody stays is the loop.)

And believe it or not. WhatsApp calls. Yes, the good old telephone. Still useful.

Plus, Dropbox and Google Drive.


What tools are YOU using? Please share below.

That's it from me today, stay well, positive & connected.

Talk soon,

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