Defining your IDEAL garment buyers

In this video, you will go from feeling clueless about what your ideal garment buyer looks like to feeling confident and strategic in your selection of who you're going to approach and how.
You can implement this over and over again to make sure, your buyers are ready, willing, and able to purchase and place orders consistently.

We tend to get stuck in a room we entered into as a garment exporter, but there's an entire mansion of opportunities beyond that first room.
Grab your simple guide - workshop style - to create your ideal buyer profile in just a few minutes. So that your efforts lead to better results. You'll be so glad you did. Let the magic happen once you're clear about who's a perfect fit for you to get great opportunities for rapid growth.


The easiest buyer I ever worked with?

The easiest orders I ever got from a buyer for my Indian knitwear factory, that I represented as an agent?

Before I tell you why this particular buyer is way so easy, let’s talk about easy money.

If I asked you:

“Do you feel guilty charging reasonable prices for simple products that make your buyers super happy, help them make a lot of profit, and gain respect from their top management?"

Your answer: "Are you kidding, Heike? WHA? Hell no, I don’t feel guilty. Bring on the easy buyers."

My buyer was from a retail fashion chain. And yes, my job was to go there every month and offer new trendy styles I earlier bought in some of the fashion cities.

You know, Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, LA & Co.

Then back to Germany, have a meeting with the buyer, got the order on the spot.

No big sampling back-and-forth, like please add this and delete that, - no endless price negotiations - nothing.

Here's the order and here you go!

I got paid a high commission to spend hours of shopping and a coffee with the buyer!

Psst, here's one truth:

Most garment exporters don't want to think about this deeper... - because - right - it takes some work and true reflection, but please don't skip this.

And here's why:

You might have big plans: bulk quantity orders, world-class brands, top listed retailers, and steep, steady growth.

But before you can make it big, you need a plan for how you’re going to get there – including targeted marketing and sales strategies that allow you to reach your ideal buyers.

Of course, that means you need to know who your ideal buyers are.

To clarify, if you don't know who your ideal buyer is - at least generally looks like - how are you ever going to know when you might be in front of them?

To help you in your journey of discovering your ideal buyers here’s one truth that’s helped me immensely.

There are so many garments exporters out there competing for the best buyers’ attention.

Firstly, without laser-focused attention on your messaging, you’ll likely get lost in the sea of voices.

And the second reason is: If you don't define your perfect strike zone, you'll waste a lot of time chasing buyers which never will become customers. It allows you to get crystal clear who you should be targeting.

Above that, it helps you better understand how to reach and sell to your best buyers. This means more buyers, more accurate forecasting, more closed-won orders, and more predictable sales.

And between you and me only: This process is pretty easy.

Let’s put things in motion…

To make sure we’re on the same page, let's define...

This ONE single person is the potential buyer who wants and needs YOUR cooperation, YOUR product, or YOUR services.

This is also a person that YOU LOVE to work with. Win-win!

In other words: a company that would benefit immensely from placing orders with you.

And you equally find above the average benefit from this cooperation.

Yep, could be many things, like your ideal buyers are selling the fashion items you produce extremely well.

They feel grateful to you for that ... with this success, you even do a major step in supporting them to move up in their career.

Or you take away all headaches for your buyers and you take over services that save them valuable time. Accordingly, they place more bulk with you.

What's next

What they do?

They are happy to recommend you to other potential buyers. In their own company and outside as well as their external peers.

You know? Things like that.

And you?

You love working with these super buyers.

Why? The most obvious is that they pay reasonable prices.

They are easy to cooperate with, quick in responses, maybe they are a prestige brand. Act as a testimonial brilliantly.

Plus, they help you create fantastic samples that lead to getting a foot in the door with other companies as well.

Besides, they are honest and reliable. Don't play tricks.

To sum up the crucial factor, your buyers are ready, willing, and able to purchase and place orders consistently. Good to maximize your profitability.

Maybe you as well like the buyer personally.

Imagine what your business would look like if you ONLY WORK with customers like that?

Pretty cool, right?

A lot of garment exporters in my training courses have a broad and general idea of who their ideal buyers are.

But once they get a bit more clarity and they dig deeper into what really makes an ideal customer for them, it quickly translates into more meaningful interactions.

Of course, you guessed it-  finally more sales and growth for their business.

So, here is a quick and effective way.

Let’s get down to business in 5 simple steps

  • 1

    Start by analyzing your products and services strengths and weaknesses

    What do you specifically provide?

  • 2

    Look for patterns and commonalities among your best customers

    What do they have in common?

  • 3

    Analyse and dig deeper into the reasons why these are your best buyers

    What details can you find out?

  • 4

    Uncover each characteristic

    Dissect the nitty-gritty

  • 5

    Develop your Ideal-Buyer-Profile

    Here you go!


This is the buyer who is very happy in the long run to continue to place orders with you.

A high probability to have a profitable long-term business relationship.

Do you work with connectors?

I want to bring this up is as well is because if you want to work with connectors like agents, sales reps …- you need to tell who you want them to connect you to. The better you know what customers you're aiming for the better you can describe it to your connectors - the better your connectors can support your biz.


You know me... I’ve created a super helpful WORKSHEET for you to print out and use as you define your very own ideal buyer profile.

Hopefully, you feel inspired, excited and YOU WILL TAKE ACTION. And actually, do the work- because you’ve got to stay in action you’ve got to continue that momentum. That's my hope.

In fact, the questions in this worksheet are all very intuitive and quick to execute.

My promise to you is after you completed these questions… You are going to look at your potential customers in a totally different way. You are going to feel very powerful.

Dive in right now and let’s aim to get your ideal buyers attracted!


There's one final thing I haven't talked to you about: Once you are clear on your perfect buyer something magical happens:


Now you.

What do you think about your ideal buyer profile?

Do you have one? Got an ideal-buyer profile template on your own?

Or make it new? Because maybe things have changed over time?

Or maybe you're just starting out and you don't have buyers just yet?

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS. Please, please, I love hearing from you.

Talk soon,


Smart Garment Exporter Member Spotlight of the Week

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A different thinking, I didn't think like this before. Thank you very much.

Fredous Khan

Thank you, Fredous! You’re awesome for thinking in different ways.
I’m cheering you on and really appreciate you watching and your kind words... – Heike

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    • Nicely described the way to identify ideal buyer. I was thinking in same way in searching new buyer as per my strength. Big buyer always will look for big supplier or very renowned agent. As I’m not so big, so I like to do target the small and medium scale buyer and I think that is helping me too.

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