garment export company profile

Is your profile pushing garment buyers away?

Y'know how sometimes you sit at your laptop...

Knock out some sentences, but...

You know you could do better?

And then you go to make revisions, and still not love what you came up with?


Writing a company profile in the garment export arena can sometimes be the trickiest part of the deal between you and a buyer.

And that’s got you scratching your head and wondering…

“How do I even fix this? 

Why doesn't this sound like I want it to? 

Can I catch buyers with it?

Is this even a bit attractive or should I just get a job as a farmer?"

Happens to all of us, my friend.

And no, you shouldn't.

What you should do is, understand why this is happening.

Because this isn't a "you" problem. It's a "they" problem.

And "they" is Mr. X.

See, Mr. X was your boss in your early days.

OK, maybe your boss wasn’t named Mr. X, but she/he/xe/they were definitely one of the people that programmed you to believe

 "Our Vision",
"Our Mission",
"Our Company Values"

 belong in a profile. Or website. Or promo video.

apparel export company profile
garment export business profile
garment industry company profile

Let's travel back in time...

You were young. A beginner.

You already had the feeling that Vision, Mission, Company Values in a garment export company profile was a bit stalked.

But it came across as serious and significant.

Still, you didn't like it.

And, as you later realized, everyone wrote the same thing.

You couldn't have changed it anyway because your boss insisted. And wouldn't have let you get away without it.

Ouch, Mr. X.

That stuff sticks with you

Seriously, nobody ever taught you how to write a company profile as a garment exporter.

And now, when you try it, for your factory or buying house business, the words Vision, Mission, Company Values sound forced. 

Will this convince a real buyer in real life to place real orders?

You get stiff.

Your words get stiffer.

Your stomach gets even stiffer-er.

So all ya do is revert back to that old style you know.

Filled with the standard uninspired stuff…

That same style everybody else is using.

But guess what?

Trust your instincts

You don't have to do what Mr. X told you anymore.

If you’re nodding your head in the “I can relate” motion right now, then I’m here to offer hope for us both.

You’d never intentionally sabotage your credibility, would you?

Of course not.

But when you slap empty words like VISION, MISSION, COMPANY VALUES in big letters in garment export company profile…

… You’re pretty much telling your buyers:

"Nothing interesting to see here. Move along."

So, it’s time to move past the dust and take a somber look at your profile

The key to a productive business profile is your apparel buyer is getting it.

And having no interest at all to walking away but happily hitting reply on your email.

Because until buyers understand what they get out of investing their time with your company, most buyers will not care about your vision or mission statement or values.

Yes, your profile is technically about you.

But it’s written for the buyer reading it.

You know.

The ones wanting to know more about you so they can decide if they want to throw orders and tons of cash your way.

I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve for your business profile today, smart garment exporter.

Not to replace them completely. But to make them stronger.

One little secret is that it’s more powerful to demonstrate your mission and values by weaving them into your profile.

Without naming them Vision, Mission, Company Values.

My favorite way is by including them in crossheads that introduce testimonials.

It’s especially effective if the testimonial demonstrates how your company lives out your mission or values.… then you’re good to go. Let them do the heavy lifting for you.

Like I said, you might have a lovely company mission, great values, but it doesn’t mean they belong on your profile.

And make sure your business profile is actually carrying its weight to get you replies.

Start impressing and convincing your prospects when they need to hear it most.

You got this.

Talk soon,

PS If you aren't sure what really makes sense for your profile, treat yourself to a Power Hour or hit me up on the live chat in the bottom right corner of my website. I'll get you sorted out.

Because your days are busy enough without perfecting your company profile. But oh, how your business deserves a great profile to convince buyers at the first glance.

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