5 rookie company introduction mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Ever receive a company introduction from a stranger, and think...

"What was that?"

Maybe it didn't look enticing.

It sounded so that you moved on to other things after reading the first sentence, forgetting about it seconds later.

Probably you just pressed delete.

As much as we hate to admit it, we judge people by their first impression.

Especially in company introductions.

After 20 years (uh - this is aging me) sending company introductions to new buyers, you can bet that I’ve made every mistake possible.

When I started this training, I wanted to show you how to bypass unnecessary traps and show you specific tactics to help you get on the radar of new buyers.

The more I wrote about company introductions I kept asking myself all the other steps in the process and what questions you might be asking after you've finished.



These are all great questions, but we're overwhelmed with information...

It's hard to find the answers in one place and it's easy to become confused about the simple steps in between.

With those questions in my head, I couldn't leave you hanging, my friend!

So, what started off as a short how-to-guide became a much bigger free live masterclass with 60 minutes. (Reserve your spot here)

I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to follow along, and by the end, you'll know how to create an irresistible company introduction that gets curiosity cooking and opens doors.

Because that is something I get asked about all the time.

These tactics took me years to learn.

Now you can take the lesson you discover here and instantly apply it as you introduce your company to potential business partners.


Mistake #1 Lack of the big picture


While writing my company introduction I was not really putting myself in the shoes of the buyer who is going to get my email.

I thought about what words I can put together to convince myself that my company is the best out there to work with.

When I finally began to desperately try to talk the buyer into why we are so great the buyer might have already pressed the delete button. (Maybe not even read my super fancy closing line...)

Seems like they were not interested to hear about how professional our merchandiser team is and how competitive our prices are.

Especially relevant hence most of all buyers are busy, distracted, and looking for any reason to NOT stop and care.

Almost as if my message is the enemy.

Over time, I realized that the problem was all in my perspective. I didn’t really understand that the most important thing I will ever write is that which my prospect sees FIRST.




The right perspective will help you find a new angle of approach I recommend taking quality time to craft your introduction and not putting on the fly just a couple of words.

Also, this shift is about mindset. What is really of interest to this buyer?

The simple question is this: "How would I react if I got this company introduction?"



Let this become your guiding principle. When your reaction is: "So what?" or "Who cares?" Start over, rethink it.

The real question becomes: "What do your buyers actually want?" 

There’s both an art and a science to creating your introduction. You can not only depend on words. There’s more.

The art is the look and feel of your approach: the method, font, colors, imagery, and words. It needs to look great.

The science comes in with what you express in writing, the flow, the vibe that buyers get.

Let's take this one step further...


Mistake #2 Thinking sameness is safe


Okay, I have seen how people in our industry write their introductions. “We are one of the leading garment manufacturers from …”

And I thought: “Okay. I do this, too.”

Hm, maybe I wasn’t thinking at all.

Maybe I just believed that sameness is safe.

It’s not.

I felt since everybody was saying the same things – I couldn’t be totally wrong using them...



In my heart of hearts, I believe that what's personal is business and what's business is personal. (And I know not everyone would agree with me on that.)

I have always felt like this (growing up in a home with entrepreneur parents.)

But the thing is: I didn't behave like it.

I was toning my voice down and sounded just like everyone else. (If you want assistance to nail down your irresistible company introduction, check out Easy Enter Academy.)




It’s your job to get your buyers excited about you. You want to show that you are not like everybody else. Dare to be different and show what you are all about.

Let your personality shine through.



Mistake #3 Going too fast


The way I used to work was this: 100% on commission. I only got money for results. For sales results.

The factory needs business.

And I needed food on the table.

My hope was that I reach out to a potential buyer and get to order quickly.

So, I was rushing in my introduction. Because it was urgent.

It was serious.

I felt stressed.

Looking back, I believe that the words I used reflected that.

That feeling of pressure totally ruined the energy in the introduction approach.

It’s pretty hard to introduce your company when you feel the tension is high.

That’s why it’s your job to make sure you follow the helping mindset, a system, and a strategy.




What it comes down to is this: Introductions that convert are introductions that connect.



It's really as simple as that. So how do you write introductions that connect?

Get intentional with your approach strategy.

You want to create a safe, light, and easy atmosphere.

Make it free of tough decisions – especially at the beginning. Use words that reflect that.

Have a system that takes your prospect one step at a time.

You want to move them from:

- Unaware to
- Aware to
- Comprehension to
- Conviction to
- Action

Here’s what many people do: They try to skip all the steps and go way too fast. Get your mindset and strategy right. Rushing doesn’t help to speed the process. I found this to be true: The slower I went the quicker I was getting there.

Counterintuitive, I know.

But this is how buyers (and by the way human beings) make positive decisions.


Free Resource



Mistake #4 Forgetting to set a context


I used to introduce our company without context. I’d completely skip the important question for the buyer why I have contacted them.

For what reason?

How come this, specifically this company?

Why exactly this brand?

Explaining why this particular buyer?

I left them hanging with this important question for the buyer.




Therefore, you want to set the context for your buyer to prove that you have a valid reason you contacted them.



Here's what's interesting:

Once you set context it will get easier for your new buyers to accept at their end.

They understand that you don’t approach everybody and that you put some serious planning behind the idea to contact them. For this, you have numerous options. You can tell stories, put them into one punchy sentence or even squeeze it into a nutshell.

Something to think about is this: The people who you contact have in many cases not heard about you before. As a result, you are a total stranger to them. You want them to feel fully supported and seen and heard on their journey toward making a cooperation commitment.


Mistake #5 Weak follow-up


Finally, this mistake really cost me in the past.

Once I contacted a potential buyer by email, I waited for a few days. Then I would call them.

That’s it. Maybe I contacted them again next season.

That said it didn't work brilliantly.

In addition, I didn’t really feel good in my own skin with this kind of approach.

What I didn’t do was add any value at all to address my still-on-the-fence buyers.

The thing is, a company introduction will get your hottest prospects in an “okay-I-see-what-they-do-state”.

Probably they still require the right information, motivation, gentle nudging, and assurance that they can trust you.

To get them to agree to the next step. If you want email templates on how to exactly do that check out Follow-Up Formula.




Use your follow-up to add value and inspire your buyer toward a business-starting decision.

A follow-up system allows you to double your success rate after your first approach. Consequently, I'm most excited about you creating a follow-up system because there is cash on the table waiting for you. And you just need to know how to harness it.

Use your follow-up system to offer MORE.

Your prospect might need more details, more answers, more proof.
Or just a bit more connection with you - they need to understand that you are legit.

This is your chance to open doors in a way that continues adding value to your potential business partner.


Final thought:


The strength of your company introduction is all about making a connection with your ideal potential buyer.


And when you can produce great products, you know about your prospect and you believe in the value of your services, you have everything it takes to create a powerful connection that gets buyers pumped about doing business with you.

I hope you found some value in these 5 core mistakes.

Now that you know what the mistakes are all about, hopefully, you can sidestep them and keep on moving forward to see some tremendous success with your approach.

You can do this!

Thanks for being here, appreciate you.

Talk soon,



PS Don't leave without grabbing the FREE RESOURCE


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However long one has done this, there’s always a better and professional way of doing it and it’s a good idea to actually learn the right way and this teaches that.

Chandra Mouli

Thanks so much, Chandra, I want you to know how much I value your thoughtful comment. -Heike



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    • However long one has done this, there’s always a better and professional way of doing it and it’s a good idea to actually learn the right way and this teaches that.

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