We got a new TV.

Our old one was still good for me – but you know how men are.

Jürgen wanted one that was bigger and more flush to the wall, sharpest pictures. And, yes, be it  – … we went into an electronic store.

You know when you buy a TV- what do you talk about?

You guessed it!

Yeah, absolutely, I knew you would say so.


We were talking discounts.

The sales guy said: “Let me go and talk to my manager.”

When I hear stuff like this, I always make a mental note.

What I’m getting at:

People who can sell anything have that knack because they are good with …


When you know how to talk to customers in the right way, you can sell anything.

You can sell your garments, your services, your cooperation.

If you want to do big things, it all comes down to words.

That’s why today I’d like to share:


Three things you should never say to a garment buyer.


Scene 1

“Let me talk to my MD (CEO, manager, boss)" is one of them.

Because once you say:

“Let me talk to my MD” the buyer will go and say: “Let ME talk to your MD.”

Your power is gone.

Don’t use that language with your buyers.

If you have to go and talk to your boss – perfect - you just don’t need to say that.


You can say:”Let me think about that for a little bit. You will get an answer for that by tomorrow.

Isn’t that easy?


Scene 2

Another situation: You have the first meeting ever with a new buyer.

You are entering their office, you shake hands and you say:

“Thanks for letting me come in today.” Or “Thanks for accepting this meeting.”

What this does it puts you in a one down position. It reduces your authority.

Even if you tried for months ad months to get that far and you’re freaking happy to finally make it.



Here’s what you can say instead:

“I’m glad we are able to get together.”

That’s meeting your buyer on a equal level.


Scene 3

Here is number three... When you’re reaching out for the first time to a new garment buyer you don't want to say or write:

“Please send me your inquiries, tech packs, sampling program.”



Don't say that at all - I’d keep that out for later.


Because at this point it’s just too early, they don’t know enough about you yet.

That said they might still have their hesitation; they might still be at the fence. Asking them too early is making it very hard for them to do it and you’ll lose them early and fast.

Better wait until you established know, like and trust and then- a perfect time to ask for their inquiries.

Very likely they will not only share what they are looking to buy but will read carefully and with full attention your offer.

Sounds easy?

It is.


Make a quick self-assessment

Just check yourself: “Do I say some of these things or variations of this?”

It’s not just how you sell. It’s how you lead.

Today, I wanted to write you a super short post, so I’ll cut it here.

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Now you

I'd love to hear from you.

Have you ever come across something similar? How did you find your way through, and how did you make the tough situations easier?

Please share your insights or key takeaways with us 🙂

Thanks so much for reading, watching, sharing, replying.

I'm beyond grateful for the generosity of your time, attention, heart and support.

Happy Day, talk soon...

All my best,


P.S. Anyway, my husband feels the new TV is still too small… Even though the colour of the program is always the same: SOCCER-GREEN, argggh


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