How are you? I hope you are doing well.


I mean, I do hope you're well, but I'd never start a message that way.


Because "How are you…" is a meaningless platitude.

That contains nothing of interest or excitement.

Yes, I get it…

It's an attempt not to burst into a conversation.

But it's about as warm and friendly as an advertisement on TV that interrupts your favorite show.

Soon as I see those words, I know it's from someone who wants me to do something I don't want to do.

Sell me something.

So there are words that have no meaning at all.

"How are you?" is one of them.

We use them to sound smarter, professional, friendlier.

We think we are supposed to start this way.

When you remove meaningless words, the power of your words goes up

Ok great, you like to sell something.

Meet them where they are.

The best emails meet your buyers where they are.

Where are they?
They are busy. Totally busy.
That's just part of the job as a buyer.

And how about a compliment?

NOW you've got their attention ?


OK opener:


I'm writing because…

Better opener:

You hear from me today because… You are busy, that's why I like to get straight to the point.

Last week I visited your store in Munich. I'm a great fan especially of the lightweight jersey women shirts of brand X that you offer in 7 colorways. I bought one in pink for my wife. That's why…


Never-again opener:

How are you? Hope you are fine. We on our part are a leading garments exporter, manufacture & buying house in …

Hope this email finds you well. X Sourcing is a fast-growing apparel sourcing/buying company in …

Good day. I would like to take the opportunity to informing the details of our company…


That last one's not just the opener, they're a spoiler. Buyers get those all the time.


How do you start an email when you want to sell something?

Hit reply and tell me.

Thanks, and talk soon,



Always I receive your mail and read this very carefully. Really your advice an guidelines is perfect for us.

Yes dear friend.


Love to inspire you ? that’s great, Sunny– thanks for your kind words. More than I can express right now. -Heike


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    • Zafeer Ahmed

      Now a days every busy second of our life your writing the great full way to achieve the targets and communicate what I have in mind .

      Keep it up

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