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You know what’s great for your productivity?

Searching for contact details of potential buyers for your business.

Browsing all day on LinkedIn. Under section ‘People you may know’ pressing … connect, connect, connect… copy and pasting till the cows come home to anyone.

Asking friends, the chamber and Google for contacts. 

And of course, exhausting your previous work connections. Approaching the contacts in your existing data base again and again and again.

I’m sorry, did I say this was great for your productivity?

Typo. I mean “total waste.”

What’s great is getting strategic.

Like say, joining me for a founding member opportunity for a new workshop called: “Buyer Details Unlimited.”

Yes, I have an idea brewing in my head and I can’t let it go.

It’s got me SO excited. But it’s really “raw” right now (so please be gentle 😉 ).

However, did I mention that it’s got me SUPER excited?

And how I’d love to involve you?

Here’s the backstory…

For several months, I’ve been getting private messages from people who have reached out with questions like

“Is there a way to get contact details like name, email address, phone number of reliable buyers who buy from my country?” 


“How can I know the details about the company structure and responsibility? When I’m at the point to get a video call I CAN sell – but how to get the details?”

Before this, I had never thought about having a workshop and space for our community to learn this.

Of course, it’s something I wanted — I had just never given it thought. But the more questions I got like this, the more my wheels began turning.

I started to see a place where I could help you find them easily, get past gatekeepers and save you tons of time wasted for research … contacting the wrong buyers or even holding you back.

Like I said, it’s still raw. But you see the potential right?

I can’t stop thinking about where a workshop on finding contact details of potential buyer could help you next season, in one year, three years from now. Way more opportunities.

THAT’S what gets me excited! It’s the progress you would make by working streamlined with such a tight focus.

But here’s what I’m VERY clear on… I can’t do this alone, and I don’t have all the answers.

Currently, this idea is very rough around the edges. It’s definitely not perfect (yet) and there are many things I still need to work out.

But the vision is there.

And that’s why I’d love to invite you in. I want you to be part of this… 

especially if you’re willing to help me shape this training.

Meaning, if you join me as a founding member and you’re willing to help contribute ideas on how we can make this THE best online workshop to support garment exporter in getting buyer details easily, I’m willing to extend a very favorable “founding member” price.

When this offer is extended to the general public, I think the starting price for this to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 97 € (which will be a no-brainer given that it’ll be helping people get contact details on demand from now on).

My aim is for it to help you: 

Find quickly apparel buyers' name, email, phone, no matter who you want to approach
Get over your “I don’t have their contact details” excuses, gain momentum and new sources
Get the reception give you what you need and not block you, get scripts for what to say and how to say it
Reduce getting info@-email addresses (we all get them, but the better you are making them understand that you are important and at creating connections with the person at the reception and gatekeepers, the fewer you’ll get)
Actually, reap a payday from growing and sending more goods into Europe

and so much more...

Here’s the best part though…

Join me today as a founding member and your price will be 27 €.

So even when I do roll this out to the community at the higher price, you’ll have locked in the founding member price. With lifetime access.

As I said, all the details for this are not figured out yet. Want to come and be the first to get the insights and help me shape this workshop, get crazy productive and get way more buyers approached in less time?

Set up a system you’ll look at later and be like: “What, that’s easy! Why haven’t I done this before?"

And adding your prospect folder with reliable, good, real buyers? Filling your calendar with quality meeting and video calls? And getting more positive responses because you target the RIGHT buyers?

I've started already the process. 

Scripts to get past gatekeepers have been written, free tools have been put through the test, the Buyers Field Guide is created but nothing has officially been finally unleashed. And I hope some of the best ideas will come from you and others who join me as a founding member. 

The goal is to officially launch this in quarter one. So, between now and then, things will be happening fast and furious based on the ideas flowing back and forth between founding members.

With all that said, what I am clear about is how to find the contact details of buyers will serve you as you make progress towards approaching new customers and growing your business.

That’s what excites me and has me waking up early with my mind racing a million miles a minute.

Next season you’ll look back on this and say: “Do you remember when…”.

And guess what, that all can begin here today.

Join me. Become a founding member of 'Buyer Details Unlimited'.

Available this week only.

All you need to do is simply send me an email to text: "I'm in!" and I'll get back to you with details. 

Talk soon,



PS Want to come with? Send me an email at and I'll get back to you with details. Can't wait.

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    • Hi Heike,
      Hope you are doing well.


        Syed, all good 🙂 thanks, hope you, too. I’ve seen you on the early bird list, well done!

        • Palash Kumar ghosh

          Heika actually I can’t access and don’t understand how to complete follow up formula

        • Palash Kumar ghosh

          Pls help me
          And need advice regarding on this issue

    • Md. Ferdoush

      Pls help me and advice regarding on this issue.


        Thanks Md. Ferdoush, yes, I’m here to help, please check your inbox I sent you an email.

    • I am Fakhrul Hasar from RMG sector. I am Sensible Fashion Ltd. Working in knit section. All our products items will have to our website. I want to run our RMG sector so I need buyers to become a successful business supplying our products items. So called I love to connect with you for this purpose. Thanks a lot.


        Thanks for reaching out Fakhrul, please watch your inbox, you’ll get an email from me with the next steps on how you can grow your business very practically.

    • Ali

      Dear Heike Siegel

      it’s my pleasure knowing you via LinkedIn. We believe that the right connections can open new doors to opportunities.
      Pls advice how you can help me to share buyer contact details.


        Hi Ali, thanks for reaching out. You’ll get a notification by email once we go live again with Buyer Details Unlimited. Thanks. Talk soon, Heike

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