No, this isn’t one of those confessions about how I was feeling „less than“ when our main competitor got this bulk women printed Sweat-Shirt order in 9 colour-ways that I fought so hard for...

... Or how I was secretly suffering from burnout in the middle of the winter season when I was way behind and needed orders fast to fill the empty factory for June, but you can do it without burnout!

This is a real confession.

I was staying at our family’s home in France at the seaside.

This is not a humblebrag, I swear - though I have to admit that it rolls easily off my tongue. (I even sometimes add a random “South” before “France“ because I think it sounds fancier...)


I refused other people being with us on the beach.

A tremendous beach, actually.

Here’s the thing, I’d purposely selected a windy day - thinking not many people would be there.

In fact, I decided to go early - despite being on vacation - and skipping a lengthy breakfast on the balcony with warm baguette and melting Nutella.

I wanted to be the first.


I also wanted seniority, which is in no way official or kept track of except by me, in my head: „We were on the beach before anyone else, we’ve earned special privileges.“

Well, there was plenty of pure lightgolden sand.

Nobody in sight.

We settled comfortably.

Spreading out towels a bit wider than necessary.

Our dog Lila started barking when she saw the family’s silhouette appearing in the distance.

They made their way towards us. Slowly.

With each of their moves I thought: „Okay, guys, no need to come closer, settle down, that’s a good spot over there...“


Nope, they didn’t read my mind.

Worryingly, I pulled the straw hat over my face but was able to look through the tiny holes to watch each of their steps.

At a certain time, I thought: „Oh, come on, they are just walking by, they don’t plan to stay...”

When they passed, I heard Jürgen saying: “Hello, Bonjour!”

I looked straight ahead in a way that clearly said: ”YOU BETTER DON’T.”

This family didn’t read my body position and death stare accurately.

I realized they dropped their bags.

This beach section was completely empty, and these guys seriously wanted to settle down 5 meters next to us?

Lila started barking again. Good girl.

Their kids already grabbed their masks and snorkels, ran off.

I got indignant.

In that moment, my refusal to have someone sit so close next to us became a powerful freedom statement — an act of resistance.

I thought about unplugging the parasol like a shield, chasing them off, yelling: “I have a rare and deadly allergy to other humans sitting so close next to me. The beach is totally empty - would you mind picking a different spot?”


That's not what I did.

I said to Jürgen: “Oh. There must be a hidden camera somewhere. THIS is a joke.”

He said: ”Why? Do you own the beach?”

”I don’t. But we deserve some space.”

I stretched out the towels extra, for effect.

I noticed that nobody noticed.

So, that's my confession.

I'm an entitled tool who conjures up outrage and occupied space to keep the next spots empty on the beach.

Lesson for today:

Not everyone wants a beach on their own, and sometimes, I'm narrow-minded.

What has this to do with the garment export business?


No action to take today.

You're welcome.

All my best with holiday greetings from France,



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