how to find apparel buyer

When I meet successful garment exporter there's always one thing that stands out

And it's not their product...

Or the number of their customers... 

Or the size of their factories...

It's something entirely different.

Can you guess what it is?

It's actually their haircut.

Just kidding...

It's actually their communication skills.

One word stands between you and a more memorable message.

One punctuation mark, too.

I'm sharing both the word and the mark with you.

In this Tutorial Tuesday I show you how to bring more clarity into your marketing messages.

What if I told you that you only had to focus on leaving out the word "and" to completely transform how buyers remember what you just said?

Do you think that would be doable?

The answer is yes.

Truth is an "and" can cost you a prospective buyer. 

Let me explain. 

And grab 'em from the first line:

Talk soon, Heike

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There's an art to cold outreach to RMG buyers. And a science. And we're going to cover both. Let's get you some new buyers, shall we?


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