The Half Hour Lite is perfect for you if:

We’ve never worked together, and you want to dip your toe. Let’s do a test run. 

I know the grind of starting out, of having the spark of an idea and doing everything you can to bring it to life. 

These 30 minutes give early-stage garment exporter a roadmap for their journey. You have a single issue, and you want my ears and eyes open to get my quick, gut hit, “change this, keep that, do this stronger” initial thoughts.

You want to “pick my brain.” About the German market, customers, about smart moves to get things up and running quickly.

Please remember what half an hour is: 30 minutes. 

Think how fast that goes.

So, nuh uh, I can’t tell you how to enter your dream customer in a half hour or review your website or tell you how to get buyer details.

Or come up with a genius business strategy, unless there’s a lightning-quick moment (it happens now and then, but I can’t promise it). 

If that’s what you’re looking for, I’d recommend a larger package.

"Thanks for all... this will be great help in my carrier. Thanks."🙏 - Swapan

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