Rajesh has a common problem start-up trading houses face trying to get new buyers.

Why should I place my orders with you over a more experienced...?

I get the same garments and services from people who are doing this longer than you.


Yes, it seems like an impossible to answer question...






What can you reply?


Today I'm sharing with you what I learned to say when I got confronted with this question early in my career. When I didn't have many big names to reference yet.

Before we get into the exact script I shared with Rajesh how to answer this question every time...



The best thing to feel less pressure


... is simple: Have many many many buyers you talk to.

(You recognize: That's many manys) ...

That's where the freedom and the big relief kicks in. The feeling of abundance and detachment.

Ya, thinking that it's perfectly fine if it's not a match right from the start - then it might be in the future and you move on with talking to the next buyer.

What you don't want to do is to lie, trick, say things vague - that's a no-no.

The answer is really talking to MORE buyers to feeling LESS pressure.

When you have one potential customer call in your calendar this week - you'd start thinking: "Oh if I lose this opportunity, it'd be a horrible thing...!" and you can't sleep well for the next 3 days.

All this anxiety that I had at the beginning. You'd have as well. As I've told you, I've been there.

The good news is:



It's about pure volume in the beginning


And of course, talking to the right buyers.

I mean, if you speak with 10 buyers a day - this is going well if you're finding the right buyers. Right buyers mean they see something in you that they really like and they want to trust you.

I know you guys love clear examples - I'm getting into more details in my course Easy Enter Academy for Garment Exporter – but this I want to share with all of you.

So here's what I told Rajesh to deliver something similar to these lines with confidence so that you land the buyers you should be working with.
Assume the buyer is asking:


"Yes, that sounds all well and fine but it looks like you're quite new in this business! Why should I place my orders with you?"


Just for the record, the answer you definitely not want to give is getting defensive and starting to list all the big brand names you worked with in your earlier career. Because the truth is: that's not what convinces.




So what DO you say?


How about that careful choice:


"Yes, that's a valid question and I trust that you're making a decision that is in your best interest. I'm sure you didn't get to this point with your brand by not trusting your gut.

All I can tell is that I'm hungrier than these other factories/buying houses. I'm more eager to bring you the results you want than anybody who is doing this longer.

Because I'm stuck to legitimizing my business until I get results from working with brands like yours. Who I feel excited to work with.

To get my standing in the industry I need to get huge results for my customers. So, I need you as much as you need me, and I'm going to promise you I'm going to work harder.

Another thing is I'm not bringing faults assumptions or bad habits to our cooperation. I know from experience some long-established manufacturers and buying houses tend to do their thing without really focusing on your uniqueness and specific requirements.

Maybe something to consider.

Anyhow you got to make your own choice and if it's a right fit, I'm excited to start working with you."



What's also cool is


that you said the truth, you didn't lie, you didn't pretend to be somebody you're not.

With that, you start to feel oh-so-good in your own skin.

Plus, you can use all the skills you proudly own and the experience you have freely.

Many times, you'll see that buyers come back, and your name keeps coming at the top of the list.

That they say: "I hope it works out, let's do it!"

Try it out, adjust the above to your own words, make it matching to your unique voice if you like, and tell me how it goes.


Ah and yes, if you don't need this post, you can re-gift it, I mean share it, with someone who does.

Bet you know someone who's a fresher and deep in the "need to make it happen" pit.

Talk soon,



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    • Abdullah

      Nicely pointed out the real challenge which is more soft in nature and many people failed to give correct answer to this critical question, thanks for your suggestions.

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      Appreciate your support for the new investors.

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      Hello Heike Siegel,

      Thanks for ur msg…. this will be great help…. in my carrier…. I’m working at Shinshin Group…. and seeking as many as advise to grew up my career… Thanks ?


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      It’s really necessary to make sure a good start.
      Thanks to Heike.

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      Thanks for sharing the suggestions, Its really helpful. Sometimes we face these questions when we start with some new customers , Appreciated.

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