Where can I find an agent/business developer in Europe for my garment export business?


Garment Exporters are a special breed.

They work hard at delivering the perfect styles at the exact ETD. While constantly filling the factory with new orders. And they care more about getting results for their customers.

I admit that I'm biased because many of them have become my friends, as well as members inside of my Easy Enter Academy program.

Some want to expand their business and are thinking about adding an agent abroad to their mix.

If YOU'RE thinking that as well - you're at the right place.

Today I’m going to share with you: WHERE you can FIND a sales agent or business developer for your garment export business.

I’m on a mission to help garment exporters make the kind of money they want to make. In the way, they want to make it. By building a profitable garment export business.

So I want you to experience financial freedom in whatever way that means to you. So that's my mission. And I want to help you make lots of money and lots of impact in those retailers and brands you serve.

Yup, ... working with a sales booster abroad is not the right solution for everybody.

However, if your business is at this level and you find a perfectly matching sales talent - oh - you can get an unfair advantage quickly!

I'm not making this up. Working as a sales agent for 25 years for Indian knitwear exporter in the trenches...

You're on a roll. No, not just on a roll. Your business is on fire! Unstoppable.




It comes down to this


Agents help you scale fast.

Buyers trust you almost automatically, because they already trust your agent.

Customers think: “Oh, they run an European branch office … they are a big deal!" This will lift your status without you doing anything.

You’ll have no failed payments. That's big. Plus you avoid unreasonable discounts. Generally, you'll face way less trouble, because your agent solves it - which means an easier life for you.

You save on travelling expenses. You can start traveling for pleasure not for business.

Long-term relationship. Want that? What comes with that are frequently orders. This becomes not an empty word but a practice that an agent can build easier. Because they stick around locally with your buyers.

Your agents existing network of retailers and brands becomes YOURS instantly.

And more individual benefits depending on the skill set of your agent- like market trends insider knowledge and these things.





So can you start to see just how powerful a sales developer can be for growing your business?
I hope you're getting excited. We've got a lot to cover. Are you ready?



Here a few ideas where you can find them:


Publish an ad in a magazine. Online and offline.

For example here: www.textilwirtschaft.de.


You know it, that’s the go-to resource for all textile-related stuff in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

I'm not sure what they charge. Just ask them. It runs for 4 weeks. Online and offline. (I’m not an affiliate.)

However, if you need help with that, because it's only in German - just reach out to me, I'm happy to help you out.



Find a sales talent at fairs and trade shows



I’ve seen some people put a sign in their stall: "We're looking for an agent for Germany." You can do the same.

Yes, many people of the industry are there and that’s a perfect time to connect with possible candidates of sales developers.

Best thing: No costs at all involved – so you can consider this for the next time you participate in an exhibition.




Get professional service and support

Now, if you want a foreign sales booster for the European territory as fast as humanly possible without having to worry if the right person is seeing and responding to your ad or not …


You can seek professional help.

Or maybe you even have an agent in Europe. It was ok for the beginning - but now you start to think you’re leaving money on the table!

Maybe your current partner is not utilizing the complete potential that you can offer. And you KNOW with the right person you could play a way bigger game! Well, maybe it’s time to get professional help for finding the exact person you need for your current stage of business.

I’m not the expert to help you in this area – however, I have found an expert that you are going to love.

They are running the most specialized recruiting company in our fashion industry. We're here to help you capitalize on this big opportunity that is waiting for you right now.

In short, it’s an invaluable thing to have a third respected person in the industry saying how great you are and recommend you. Yes, you can say that about yourself but coming from a neutral person of authority and expertise is a huge trust builder that you can leverage in your favor.

Click here to get support


Speak with people in your everyday life

I want to be real with you.

The top agents/sales developer who work with the top players, retailers, brands and importers who are well connected, long in the trenches - might be tough to get without professional help.


However, if you're like: "Okay cool. I’m still kind of a start-up - my export is just starting to grow. I’m not looking for super senior agents – I’m a bit open-minded."

... then you might be looking for people who are not defining themselves as agents right at this moment.

Truth is - you know MANY PEOPLE.

Maybe they have a different background.

Like they used to work as a fashion buyer. Or as an in-house category management assistant. As a designer, a merchandiser ... It can be a diverse group of people.

However, I feel they should be somehow related in the fashion and textile world.

There you can find amazing people as well - when they bring the skill set of an agent.

This can become transformational cooperation for your business as well to help you grow and prosper.

Love examples? If you like to get the exact words you can say to them to spark interest in working with you go here to my episode How to craft the perfect pitch for a sales agent. There you'll find a word-for-word template to download to make it easy for you.



BIG decisions I wish I hadn't made (and why you should decide differently)

I had made some big decisions and I realized reflecting on them... Oh boy, I could have made these decisions smarter. And I should have.

So we’re jumping to the OTHER side.

The side where I as an agent was desperately looking to find a new company to represent.

I was well connected with retailers and brands. I could love up on them, sell to them – but at one point of time I didn’t have a garment manufacturer to work with.

And let me tell ya - finding an Asian garment exporter to represent was not easy.

I ended up working with the first garment exporting company that crossed my way. B. Hosiery Exports from Ludhiana. And I was mistaken. They made a mess of all my long-term customers, plus they didn’t pay my commission. Finally, I wasted one year, thriving customer relationships broke, plus I lost a whole lot of money.

I’m not going into details, that’s not what this is about. Either you win or you learn – that’s what I believe to my core – stuff like this just happens. I was extremely fortunate because I get up quicker than most. But my point is, I don’t want you to make the same mistakes. This is not about me although it sounds like it is right now.

Let's get back to you.



The point?

Because you might not have dozens of options of possible sales agents to start working with right now.

So you might be tempted to think: “Well, I'll pick her or him - better than nobody…

When I’m on a mission to help you grow your business, and if I’m on a mission to help you make a lot of money and impact .... then we’re going to put it out into the universe that you’re going to be making a lot of money.

You might be even making millions in a few months from now with your new sales agent.

And here's the thing....



What qualifies a million-dollar agent?

You decide.

Here's the best way I know to get the top of the top agents for you:

Create options. Speak to maaaany people.

That is to say, select the one you feel good about. Trust your intuition and your gut.

Regarding B. Hosiery Exports - my gut was sending me many caution-signals – that I ignored.

Due to lack of options.



Ready to create options?

All I want you to do is to start to look for somebody you’d trust, not the next best person who says yes.

Dig deep. Ask the hard-nosed questions.

Convinced? Gut-check. Yes? Otherwise, not your agent. Next, please.

The truth is: life is full of opportunities, no matter where you're financial.

I hope you walk away from this episode today and take action on at least one of these options.

And you make the decision - right now - that's what my hope for today's episode. Start NOW.

If this topic is hot for you - checking out my other episodes all about working with an agent abroad should be a big, fat YES.


Now you.

What do you think about working with an agent in Europe?

Do you have one?

Do you want one?

Tell me in the comment or reach out heike@smartgarmentexporter.com. Love hearing from you.

Happy exporting, take care,


PS Don't leave without your free resource.


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