What if someday is today?

My husband and I had a recent highway experience that freaked me out.
It was very recent. Happened this Saturday so I still feel a bit shaky telling you about it.

We were on our way to an invitation for a party. Highway Bremen. 150 km/h.
I don't recall exactly what happened. Didn't even hear the collision.

In my head somehow in slow-mo (though in real life super fast) ... the red and the black car in front of us crashed. Sliding from the left lane across the middle lane to the right - smoke, twisting, braking noise.

Finally, both cars lay still on their roofs in the highway ditch.

We cringed like we were in one of these cars. Harsh stop.

Grabbing my mobile, I gasped: "I call the ambulance!" 
Which wasn't exact.

I tried to call the ambulance.

My hands were shaking. Mobile felt on my labs, I picked it up.
"What's the number?", I stammered.
Jürgen: "112!"

I typed 1120breathing heavily. Mobile slipped through my fingers again.
"What number?!"
"112!", he roared.

Do you think I was able to dial 3 digits into my mobile?
It took me several attempts until I had the number straight and instantly a human being on the line.

"You must send an ambulance - no TWO ambulances immediately!", I heard me yelling.
"Yes, we will - where are you?", the police said through the loud pounding heartbeat in my ears.

Jürgen, fumbling with the navigation to check our current position. Pressing the wrong buttons again and again. He couldn't manage. Ohhhh goodness.... we were both not able to find out and articulate where we were.

Meanwhile, they located my mobile from which I called and noted our position. Thank God nowadays they can do that!


The truth is:

We were in shock.


Out of order. Out of our minds.


That is the reason pilots practice again and again critical situations. Even the most experienced pilots practice in a flight simulator.
Therefore, they simulate situations nobody wants to happen in real life.

Most importantly, you in your role as a person who is selling garments to importers, you can also get in situations you don't want to happen.

Luckily, you won't get into this situation often. But when you do here's my favorite no-panic sentence that you can always use even when you're triggered to lose your mind.



With one no-panic sentence, you remain competent and confident. You do the right thing.

To clarify, by preparing yourself ahead of time, you’ll find that the emotion goes away before it creates a mess. For instance,

  • when you're feeling grilled with prices
  • hearing a harsh inappropriate tone
  • somebody is trying to make you look small
  • treated with lack of respect
  • accused without reason

- all these sorts of really nasty things...

Nothing's worse when you don't have options.

Now here's the thing.

Calming yourself when you’re emotional is, of course, more easily said than done.

In other words, your emotions could be costing you important customer relationships. This business. And even your company.



Here is my no-panic sentence.


A simple sentence, but it sort of saved my life.
Sounds dramatic? Oh yeah.
Easy, right? If you like this one, I'd love for you to know this sentence by heart.
Or otherwise, use another sentence that works for you and has the same effect.
Just have one.


You might not need it EVER. Just in case.

For example, a buyer's conversation is going in the wrong direction.

Yep, I mean, very wrong.

Important that this sentence pops up in your mind without you even thinking about it. When your head is "empty" this no-panic sentence kicks in. Boom - there it is, like that.

The secret is - you guessed it - to practice it.

As a result, you remain calm and conscious.

Above all the situation is yours no matter what. Even if it gets precarious. I promise, your thoughts will get focused.

Even your heart may be beating out a steady drumroll.

Not only will you gain the respect of your buyers, but you will have better chances for success to solve the issue.

So, it’s a great practice in business. (Also, in friendship and marriage)


  • Once you establish that you’re looking to find a common goal, you no longer focus on the problem. It’s done.
  • The other person is less triggered about going this road because you're not following. What’s the fun of talking "hot-headed" when someone’s already said, “O.k. what do we want to achieve together today?"
  • The other person likes you more. Which is for the moment and for tomorrow.


What if the person goes on and on?


In short: You stick to your sentence.

Repeat it.

That's all you say:

"What do we want to achieve together today?"


To sum up, this will be a difference-maker for you.

You want to make sure your energy is being invested in the right thing at the right time.

See what I'm doing?

I'm putting it in front of you like a mantra.

If you want to keep your sanity, go use it.  I bet meanwhile you know this sentence by heart.

Do you?

Really, do you?

"What do we want to achieve together today?"

Hey, exactly.

I knew that you knew it.



Now you

What is your no-panic sentence?

Tell me in the comments.

Or send me a message to heike@smartgarmentexporter.com. I love hearing from you. Seriously. People write back and ask: "Do you really want to hear from us?" Yes. I love your comments.

Really, I want you to reply.

Talk soon,



P.S. In case you're wondering... After calling the ambulance we were running to the cars. The ambulance arrived soon. Lots of people came to help. We were not alone. Both drivers were only lightly injured. For tomorrow I booked a refresher course for first aid. Just in case.




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    2 replies to "What if someday is today?"

    • Sultan Mahmud

      Most common No-Panic-Sentence I hear from buyers is below
      somebody is treat to me as looking small or my company is not capable to shipment on time,
      they treat with lack of respect,
      Some times accused without reason,

      Also your Story is common to me that when I fall this kind of situation I cant memories a very simple things.
      common mistake happened more and more but I have do it correctly right now. Then I get more excited.
      please Suggest me what can I do in this situation for better solution.

      • Hi Sultan Mahmud, thanks for sharing, yep, I get what you’re saying. Trying to keep your sanity. It can be tough not to get overwhelmed with emotions.
        I don’t know about you for me having one sentence to focus on helps me immensely. “What do we want to achieve together today?”
        When you say that to your business partner, you start to believe it plus you guide your buyers to think in this direction as well. Pointing in a good direction. Hope this helps,
        all my best, Heike

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