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If there is one thing I’ve learned from working with dozens of buyers in Europe


... it’s those potential buyers couldn't care less about your product or service.

Even if it is the perfect fit for them.

They just don’t seem to notice.

Unless you tell them what real and applicable solution you provide them.

But don’t worry!

Creating an enticing description of your products and services is way easier than you might think.

I created a free resource for you with effective messaging with examples.

Cheers to effective sales messages.

And new customers that will be hanging on your every word.

That allows you to do what you do best... produce wonderful garments and ship them into the world.






You don’t need to become a brilliant marketing person to know the best tweaks that buyers pay attention to your offers.

It's easily doable. You can do this in no time and implement it immediately.

You just need to know how to choose and frame your message that reaches into your buyer's emotional core. And moves them.

Today I reveal a simple strategy to capture and keep your buyers' attention. With a single tweak so they stay glued to your words.


What they are. Where’s the difference. And what they can do for your business.



So, what you will discover


  • The single biggest thing you can add to your marketing that jolts your buyers and glues their eyeballs on your message. (Do this right and they'll hang on to your every word.)

  • Why dismissing these tips is costing you sales. (Do what I suggest instead, and you'll cringe for not doing this much earlier.)

  • The secret to powerful and ethical persuasion. (You'll get so deep in your buyers' heads they'll think you know them better than their spouse does.)


Sound like a plan?


What are FEATURES?


They are facts or characteristics about your business, products, and services.

Plus, performance characteristics, attributes - or aspects of something.

Sort of surface statements about your products or services.

A few examples:



O.k. good - but wait for a second - is this building client-attracting authority?

Is this attractive?

Does it show that you really make a difference?

Some features may sound like benefits. The "strong merchandiser team" may sound vaguely positive. However, on its own, there’s no strong, immediate reason why it’s positive.

And the thing with features is that they have weak convincing power.





Now you can make a simple test with the three claims above.




It's mind-blowing quick.

You can do it every time you want to check your messaging.
Is there any chance at all you buyer might be thinking:

"O.k. so what?"



Moving on, how can you achieve that small twist? How can you turn a FEATURE into an ADVANTAGE?




An ADVANTAGE is a descriptive explanation of why the FEATURE is good. Or how the FEATURE works. ADVANTAGES tell what the FEATURE does to eventually result in a BENEFIT.

Like some examples for ADVANTAGES?

So, now we can add to the FEATURES - in our three examples - the ADVANTAGES (in bold).



Sounds more convincing. What do you think?

Wait a second this is something where you might get stuck.


Potential Traps

How about mercerized cotton? Mercerized is a FEATURE. And is it also an ADVANTAGE? O.k., as you all guys know better than me – the mercerized cotton product will have more strength then and it will give a lustrous appearance. Is this an advantage? What do you think? Well, you might say: ”Well, Heike, for some products it is definitely an advantage – for others it is not. So, it really depends on the product and on the purpose.”



Let's say you want to write or say to a potential business partner:

"We are established in 2001." (If this is the case.)

Is this an ADVANTAGE?

One buyer might think:

„What an old fashion company then, I want a flexible, dynamic, innovative, young partner to cooperate with.“

Another buyer might think:

„Awesome. They will have lots of knowledge. Here I know that they are well established and knowledgeable.“

The third buyer maybe thinks:

„Whatever. Who cares how long they are in the business yet? What I care about is what's in it for me. What they can do for me and my business.“



The bottom line is:

You can't control how your message will be perceived.



ADVANTAGES are based on facts, too, same as FEATURES - but they might not be the right solution for everybody.

Or for every product.

ADVANTAGES can be convincing.

But they also have the chance to not be perceived as an ADVANTAGE for an individual buyer.


What are BENEFITS?


When you describe the end BENEFIT of the FEATURE you are getting way more specific. Telling how the ADVANTAGES are relevant for that buyer individually.

Here are the examples:




So, what you do here is addresses a fear the buyer might have. You give them peace of mind and you help them save time. The buyer might think:" Holy cow - this point is safe here I don't need to worry. And spend time on compliance and all CSR.




Yes, more sales, more turnover, more revenue, more profit are good BENEFITS, right? Also, the brand will be showcased in the best light possible - truly helpful. Recognition from the top management, maybe a promotion to a higher paid job in the company, good BENEFITS, too.



O.k. buyer may feel a bit safer. You help them save time. And nerves. They can be more productive - which we all love.


FEATURES alone leave the burden of understanding on the buyer.

They are left to connect the dots between the specifications you’ve told and how they will benefit them. The BENEFIT explains how the FEATURE in fact helps the buyer. It's what the FEATURE can do for them.

And BENEFITS have an emotional aspect, they cover personal needs and wants. They describe why the ADVANTAGE shall be valued at all.


EXAMPLES: They can be emotional. Such as peace of mind. Here's what my father used to say to garment buyers: "See, you want to sleep well at night." Or you can point out other positive effects like more freedom. Or flexibility.

They often address business results like a higher sell-through rate, fewer write-offs, more profits, time saved, lower risk, and stuff like this.

This is to look deep into what's REALLY going on in your buyer's brain.


If the BENEFIT can be made precisely clear, selling, or negotiating becomes so very much easier.

BENEFITS make it real, important, and relevant.

The benefits section is where you can match your product or your services exactly to your buyers' problems & needs. At the beginning you might not be aware of what this particular buyer needs and wants. At this point you can make educated guesses. What they aspire to. Or where they might have challenges in their business.






... maybe a thought strikes you: "How about using ONLY BENEFITS when they are so effective?"
No worries - FEATURES also have an important part to play in sales.


FEATURES act as the “proof” for your BENEFITS by helping you quantify the claims you’re making. That's why without FEATURES, BENEFITS are not as effective.



Where and when can I use them?


O.k. you might be wondering: "Where and when can I use this FAB? (The FEATURE-ADVANTAGE-BENEFIT-thing?)"
Well, you can use it literally everywhere.

In your discussions, in sales letters, on your website - basically in all communications.

Any time you’re trying to convince someone to do something.

Because people respond to BENEFITS.

The question here: "What's in it for me?"


Not only in business context by the way- my husband is a genius in persuading me to do something that I initially won't do. In telling me a story of all the benefits from it … He knows me well. So, he knows exactly what to say that triggers me.


You can flip it


And before I forget: You can start with the FEATURES and work your way through to the BENEFITS. Or you can start with the BENEFITS and work your way back. Do whatever feels best for you. Yes, you can flip it as you see the best fit.





To wrap it up:



  • 1

    Because it has ... FEATURE

    facts, characteristics or attributes

  • 2

    You will be able to... ADVANTAGE

    why the feature is valuable and useful

  • 3

    What this means to you is... BENEFIT

    digging right down to the core human and the best individual desire



That's an amazingly simple and practical formula to remember.



I use it in my own business and I'm sure it will work for yours.


Now, you know me - the practical side of me created a valuable free resource for you.

You can download the pdf here.

Actually, it's not only a resource - I will walk you through a few exercises where you can easily put your FEATURES, ADVANTAGES, and BENEFITS in a master document.

Have it handy any time - believe me, it's golden! And you will use this over and over again.



Your products, ideas, and results are awesome, so communicate in a way that shows your real value.

You have everything it takes to create a powerful connection that gets buyers pumped about doing business with you.

Good luck, and I hope it’s helpful for those of you out there working on your messaging for more sales.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes in the comments or connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Talk soon,





Hi Heike,

Your positive comments inspired me a lot. Since 2015, ‘Smart garments exporter blog’ indeed helped me with several ideas which I am exercising every now and then. Wish you all the best.

Warm Regards,



Saiful, I’m so thankful for members like you. Thanks for being connected since almost day one. You'll always have a special place in my heart, Heike


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