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The LinkedIn Connect Superpack

LinkedIn connection invitations are the #2 most powerful way to start talking to apparel customers.

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You hate introducing yourself. You can talk to your buyers all day long, but when it comes to get buyers to accept your connection on LinkedIn, you get tongue-tied (or type-tied).

You don’t know what to include, what to leave out. You are supposed to put in 300 characters. For your whole business? All your products and services?

You don’t have the greenest of the green factories. to show to instantly impress. How to set the focus?

You’ve seen some people have so many buyers in their 1st connection. People rapidly move ahead. How? 

You have no idea how to structure the damn thing. Again 300 characters. It’s all over the place. How to structure 300 characters?

You’re confused by mixed messages. Shall you get straight into "pitch" mode or sweet talking them into accepting the invite? Which should it be?

Let's end the agony... and start sending money-making LinkedIn invites

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Here’s the training that my clients have used to write profitable, personable invitations to connect in minutes. Sometimes, in one minute.

LinkedIn Outreach mini training

A printable guide with a proven 5-step framework for writing an attention-getting connect for European apparel buyers

Plug - & play templates that'll make connecting with European buyers on LinkedIn as easy as filling in the blanks and pressing 'send'.

Love examples? Includes messages in our industry with real fashion buyers - with styles you can steal (no one will ever know)

27 €  9 € for the next 15 minutes only!

This mini-course is right for you if you want to

get to know more (big fish) buyers 
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make connecting with buyers on LinkedIn easy-peasy
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What you'll get

Visual examples of the LinkedIn Connect Superpack in action, with real-life buyers of fashion retailers and brands in Europe, plus my favorite framework.

Bring your passion. Doesn't matter if you' run a factory. Or buying house. Or if you're an inhouse marketing expert.

Whether you’re a brand-new garment exporter or you’ve been in this game for years. 

Bring all the capabilities and drive that make you so powerful and let the training shape you.

Connect and create opportunities for your buyers to buy from you. 

27 €  9 € for the next 15 minutes only!