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I was feeling super grumpy the other day, then I figured out why.

It may be quite different where you live…  but here in Germany, things are getting back towards “normal.”

And frankly, it’s more difficult to deal with - emotionally - than when we were on full lockdown.

During lockdown, we truly were “all in this together.” Trying to figure out ways to help and support each other (not in a cliché-type-of thing, but in real.)

Now as the curves are flattened more and more, people will expect you to declare your stand on things that a few weeks ago were a simple “no” for just about everyone on the planet…

“Are you ready to get together with close friends who you’re confident have kept safe?”

“Would you feel comfortable flying abroad to a business meeting somewhere on the planet in a couple of months from now?”

Or just the simple question: “Shall we go out for dinner?” causes some heavy brainpower.

And I thought I’d share that because, once again, we’re in new territory, and it’s going to continue that we try for answers that no one can give.

Right now, there’s going to be a lot of I just don’t know moments for us all.

With that, here's the question I get asked a lot:

"How can I keep my garment buyers intact and how can I continue the business in a smooth way?"

I know, it's not only me, what we want is ... we want the world to go back to what it was in January. When everything was good for many of us.

But the thing is, we better think in the sense of "post-covid/ pre-covid ".


Acknowledging for ourselves first that whatever was before covid is now just different. We cannot assume that we are where we were - because we are not.

So we've got to get okay with that in our own mind. We're not picking up where we left off.

I'd love for you to press an 'invisible reset button'…


Establishing kind of a 'reset mentality' - versus - "last season we discussed such and such" - this is not where we are any more.

I love the idea of a RESET.

Fear to do that?

But guess what. No risk there.

Being decisive with acknowledging things as they are is an important trait in business, and in life.

You can even say to your buyers: "

"Look, I know we're in a different place now."

I encourage you, acknowledging that - is a huge step forward.

The point is, if you say that - they know YOU KNOW that it's different - that's all you need to do.

Yes. Simple.

They need to hear you acknowledge, their life and business is not the same right now.

Re-starting the conversation with fresh eyes.


Is there something you can do to re-ignite the flame with your customers?
Or that you can do to keep the flame burning?

Is there anything that comes to mind when you hear me ask that?

Talk soon,


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