At a Fashion Event

Three people are standing at a round table in the coffee break.

The conversation goes like this:

Buyer, talking to the guy next to her: "Um... what do you do?"

"Oh, I’m a garment manufacturer. I run a factory.”

“Ah okay.”

Buyer, turning to the other guy: “… how about you? What do you do?”

“Yes, you know many buyers have difficulty to actually get the styles developed and produced that their designers had in mind while creating -  I produce high fashion knitwear, I run a knitwear factory.”



What do you think...?

Which of the two garment manufacturers will exchange business cards with the buyer and will be continuing the conversation until the break is over?

Yep - the second guy is getting all the attention and maybe all the business.


Because he is telling not WHAT HE DOES but HOW HE HELPS.


Quick tip: Start with a problem


Buyers are wondering why in the world should they listen to you.

Nobody is paying attention until you start talking about a problem. If what you do doesn’t solve a problem- nobody wants it.

Solve a problem or fill a need.

Tell buyers not what you do but how you help.

That’s a tiny twist but making a huge magical difference. With that, you should definitely be upping your attention game.

Sound like a plan?


So start with defining the problem you solve, and buyers will start paying attention.

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That's it for today.

Talk soon, all my best
Heike Siegel


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Small tips make big difference, thank you, Piash

    14 replies to "One simple way to get a garment buyer’s attention in less than 10 seconds"

    • Hi Heike
      We have been all our lives
      Sampled developed styles from scratches and patches and outlines of our buyers creativity
      Worked on resolving their issues
      Tight schedules we wish to export to European buyers pls connect us

      • Thanks, Nishant, yes, I understand … like to join my next free live online training on coming Friday, July 5th.
        The 7 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to How to Build and Grow your Garment Export Business Without Sending Hundreds of Emails, Spending Hours on LinkedIn, and the Momentum Cracking Constant Reply: „No Thanks, We Already Have Our Suppliers.“

        Would love to see you there – if you think it’s right for you, click here for >> Fri, July 5th, 11am German time

      • Hamza Ansari

        1st Question totally changed my mind.
        Thanks for the post.

        • That’s great Hamza Ansari.

        • Hi Heike Siegel
          I am Global Apparel Sourcing Professional from Bangladesh .
          I do the apparel marketing long time and arise question No Thanks, We Already Have Our Suppliers.“
          So what should i do ?. Pls advise .

          Selim Reza
          Head of Sourcing

          • Hi Selim Reza, can you make it to my live free training on 5th July? You will get many answers to your questions there. Hope to see you there, all my best Heike

    • Girish

      Some new logic but that was correct.myself understood where I done mistake.

    • Small tips which we miss will do the turnout
      Any charges to be paid for the lessons ?

    • Ruhul Amin

      I need more European clothing buyer. For small quantity inquiry, no problem, I can support to provide small quantity order & development. So I would like to love your kind feedback to get that’s kind of customers.

    • Problem shows the way, great heike

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