In this mini training, I will show you how to layout a prospecting organizer file to use daily. I'll explain how you go from this kind of unsorted non-prioritized jungle of stuff, task, and potential buyers - to a very condensed list that's prioritized.

So that you can turn a prospect into a customer faster.

This is going to be fun! Let's get started.




The keyword is consistency


You probably know that I just recently launched my new course, Easy Enter Academy for the garment exporter, and I can guarantee that if you ask any of my members what the ONE thing that I’m a stickler about...

They will tell you that I want them to prospect daily… a quick shout out to my Easy Enter Academy members.



Why prospect daily

Alright - to be specific you are going to walk away with three things today.

  • You'll get a fool-proof plan to prospect daily that will make you feel oh-so-good.
  • I created a file where you can keep everything organized.
  • Plus, you will feel a boost of confidence, so you'll turn a prospect into a customer faster by beginning of next season with a plan.


Can you relate?


A few years back my own business as a sales representative for an Indian knitwear supplier took a significant turn for the better when I stopped only approaching new potential business partners when I took the time that I had left at the end of the day. Yep, that’s the truth.

So I would have a new customer, then things got busy. Life happens. I spent my time taking care that fitting samples were on time, lab dips, did the PPS approvals came in, labeling details all set, developing new collection samples... All this kind of good stuff.

There was no regularity at all for finding new customers.

Then I would take a day for only approaching new buyers and since I didn't follow up with a system I was not top of mind with them.

These buyers were not even remembering me when I spoke again with the same buyers the next season.

However, when I began to make a plan and commit to it - the number of our customers grew quickly. And I saw a significant increase in my commission payments.

I'm telling you right now it will pay dividends if you just get your ducks in a row.

You might write, call, use social media, whatever strategy works for you to introduce your company to potential new buyers, - you know how you work best - just make sure you do it daily.


How to make it easy to stay consistent


So the question is - how do you make sure that you prospect daily? Get it done.

There's some research involved. You need to block out time to actually do the prospecting. And you need to sit down for the follow-up.

Yes, I'm a bit fanatical when it comes to long hours of work. Including weekends. I can't help myself - this is my identity and who I am.

I'd love for you to have that level of commitment as well. Not the weekend work - but you get me.

And then life happens. The next important shipment needs to go out and whoops - your prospecting plan is not top of mind.

It happens.

It's not good, it's not intentional - certainly not what you want.

But let's be honest: It's normal. We all do that.

So I want to address that. Then I want you to plan for it and say:

"I know it's normal but I'm going to have a plan so that it's easy for me to get back on track."

So how do you make that happen?


You plan for it

And we're starting right here. Today I'm showing you a simple system to make your daily prospecting so much easier.

You're going to learn how to create a prospecting seasonal organizer. And fill it up with your prospects.


Three pillars to keep you on track daily



    Make it a daily routine, select the time where you personally feel at your best.

    We all know prospecting requires, energy, optimism, confidence, enthusiasm, and a bit woo woo.


    When you sit down to do this – set a timer. Block time out. No distractions for this time.

    This can be done on your phone. To make sure you really dedicate the time.

    Remember- this cannot be done on the go while multitasking. It’s way too important.


    You want to ask yourself: “What does this buyer need to confidently say yes to start a cooperation with me right now?”

    What can I do right now, so they feel empowered enough to place an order with me?

    Let these be your guiding questions.


So that's something I want you to think about.


You take away the confusion:


"Who shall I contact when?"

"Hm, where are we in the selling process at the moment?"

"Wait a minute - did I follow up with her?"

So my dear garment exporter, mastering this single follow-up method will sharpen your ‘money skills’ twice as fast. (With money skills I mean the important skills that bring you money…)

You know me if we’ve been in touch for a while. I believe you’re going to want to refer back to this.

That’s why I’m sharing with you the prospecting organizer file I used in my own business that you can take and make your own.

 It’s practical and without a lot of bells and whistles. I love it simple. No stress. So make sure to download this organizer template – it’s a free resource.

This prospecting organizer will become your best friend. I want you to really download it and start using it today or latest in the next three days. So that time doesn’t get away from you and you do the work and keep organized.





So first go and download your FREE RESOURCE.


Prospecting Organizer File


Once you downloaded the file, let's look into it.

Next, I'd love for you to write down your 50 best prospects. Why 50? More would be even better.

Because I'd love for you to have not all eggs in one basket. You really do need lots of buyers to minimize your risk.

Yes, I know that only a handful of good customers can change your life forever, but you like to spread the risk.

Deal? Just for the record - if you end up having more buyers than you can handle - well that's a quality problem I guess...

Alright, you add your potential buyer's name and department in the column.


There it is - that's your starting point.

From here you go - believe me - this alone is going to make you feel very good.

So now you start your prospecting activity and add them to your seasonal prospecting organizer.

As you approach and results and actions come in - say in the next few days - you continuously write them down.

Make it a habit.

Get into the practice of doing that constantly - move your prospects in the direction of becoming a customer.


I'm going to give you an example. Are you ready for this?

Ok, let's assume C&A in Germany is number one on your list. Let's say it's your TOP PROSPECT.
Thomas Mayer, men buyer, and you approach him by email on 5th of Jan. With the result to not hearing back. (Yes, my friend this is very normal). Well, your first follow-up action is you schedule a call. That you do on the 8th.
You discover that he's on a business trip and back on the 15th. So your second follow-up becomes a call you do on the 16th.
With the result that you speak with the buyer, he is saying he saw your email, looked good to him and he is requesting you to send your best sweatshirt photos including price.
Therefore, your action is you send this offer by email on the 17th. You don't hear back so you need to follow up on that you do that on the 20th by email.
You already know it - it's a journey that can look highly different from buyer to buyer. The result is your buyer feels your offer is good and he offers to visit your office next time he visits your country, which is 4 weeks later. The meeting is good, they approved the factory, and you quoted their inquiries. They flew back without placing orders.
You need to follow and then they send the orders. (I added two examples in your FREE RESOURCE the organizer, this is just so you see it in action.)



When you're short of time


Imagine, if you have very little time on a particular day.

Consequently, I'd love for you to look at your first 10 companies in your file -- because these are your best targets.

Ask yourself this question:


"If I only get one thing done today what would that thing be?"

In short, that becomes your number one. Naturally, you look at your dream customers who you placed at positions 1 to 10.

And then you ask:

"If I got my number one done and I still have time - what would my number two be?" 

And simple enough that becomes your number two.

Doesn't this seem doable?


Consistency is king and queen


If you follow up with more enthusiasm once things start to flow and a buyer is sort of interested, I'm with you. This organizer is especially useful for the BEGINNING of your customers' journey.

Because you and I know, after approaching a new buyer it might take a few times gently nudging.

You want to burn an impression into your buyer's consciousness.

Part of it comes from being prolific and present. From showing up regularly.

You have to do that before they forget about you. Because they will.

Often, the difference between them turning their back - to buy whatever you sell boils down to you being consistent.


>> Can you see how this will make a huge difference for you?


The additional benefit of this prospecting organizer


For instance, not everybody will become your customer in the end. And that's normal.

What this prospecting organizer automatically does for you as well - is discovering in the long run at which point the journey stops.

Know what I mean?
Let me give you an example: Say you are a genius to attract buyers in the first place you get meetings easily but after sending samples - more often than not the journey ends?

Well then you know - you need to develop this area with your sampling department. Improve the sample outcomes, increase the speed to finalize them - whatever it may be. Dig deep here.

This will give you a clear indicator at which section you need to put in extra effort for making this hurdle go away.



Remember to start today


Don't you dare say: "Ahm, … not today I can't work on my prospecting planner ..."- no-no-no daily, this is a non-negotiable, really daily.

You owe it to yourself - I promise, you'll start to see results quickly.


I do not recommend doing this task randomly or with a low priority- don't do that.

Sit down, look at your list and decide on the next action.

That leads me to another topic we need to discuss ...

Once you say. "Ok Heike, I will try it out!" - and you stick to your new routine - you'll get to create more opportunities quickly - THAT'S WHY you will get even busier.

The additional buyers there will demand your action.



The more important it becomes for you to stick to your daily prospecting organizer.

You’re not going to believe the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when you’re done with a few items on your list every day.

That's meaningful work.


Activity and productivity are not the same things.


To wrap it up


So you go from this kind of unsorted, non-prioritized jungle of stuff, tasks, and potential buyers - to a very condensed list that's prioritized.

To keep you both structured and inspired to turn a prospect into a buyer faster.

That's not about perfection - our days can get crazy at times - just do your best.

A bit prospecting - one step at a time - each day.

Do this and you can go home feeling good about your day.

You’re not going to believe the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when you’re done! : )

You'll see the magic happen.

You are going to be astonished at the end of the season how much you have achieved with only small steps every day.




Don't leave without downloading your prospecting organizer - you won't want to miss it.

Click here to get the free prospecting organizer template I've created for you. And that's where you're going to plug in all your great prospecting activities. Daily.
So, make sure you get a new buyer at the end that you worked so hard to acquire.


Here's the thing: Once you have a prospect entered your list - well he or she is in there - you go for it. It might take you less time than you think until you put a checkmark - order sheet received - and a date next to it.

If you need help with what to really write into your sales follow-up emails, I created a resource with email templates inside of Follow-Up Formula.

I can't wait to see you again, make it a great week,

Talk soon,




Dear Heike Siegel,

I am very much happy having your mail today. It's a great lesson for me. Now it is night and reading your lesson after rising up from sleep I will read your lesson again and again. I am learning so I am grateful to you and oblige thereby.

Yours best,

Fakhrul Hasar


Thanks again, Fakhrul Hasar! I really appreciate you watching and your kind words.


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