I'm the worst.
And so are you.

Here's why you don't have to worry....

I got my hair cut at the local hairdresser this weekend as a woman was getting her hair coloured.

We were back to back so I could listen.

I like the salon. 

It’s close, comfortable, ok-prices and great corona-concept. Something I care about these days. Plus, I always feel better when I leave than I came.

The salon owner informed the woman: "This colour looks pretty on you."

"Yeah," the woman said. "It looks ugly."


The salon owner saw me trying to catch a view (I just had to, was dying over the lady's comment) and said: "It’s the same colour as always. 6/45 vibrant red. You always have this shade."

After paying I heard redhairlady grabbing her coat, then the door handle.

“Unacceptable! I’m here for 10 years – but now the last time I came here!”

I loved how unfazed the salon owner was by the insult.

She must have known what I know, and remind myself of constantly:

Nothing is forever.

Not one thing. Except, maybe, the universe. Or black holes, who knows.

For every customer you win over, you serve and do your best with every shipment, every sample, every carefully crafted email you send and someday they say: “Unacceptable. Not for me anymore here!”

Main reasons:

Honeymoon period with them is over, communication misunderstanding, somebody beats your price, your buyer is changing jobs and leaving the company, new people come on the scene.

But should the salon owner have made something to avoid this situation with redhairlady?

No. Because that's impossible.

And here’s the great news:

 When this happens, start your
Win-Back-Mission with a simple formula

(As a sidenote, it’s easier than you might think.)

If you want help striking a chord with the customers who'll love you again and want to place their next orders with you and more and more – read on.

What if, as a smart garment exporter, you had way more in your arsenal than to shrug? What if - instead of having to rely on luck or new customers you could be confident about winning them back?

Here’s how you can approach them in this situation to bond together again.

Let’s imagine once you had a good customer, but somehow you lost them over the years.

How to win them back?

One little secret is that if you address this win-back-conversation intellectually it doesn’t have as much power as if you address it emotionally. Yep, emotionally, my friend.  

Acknowledge the "good"

What was great about your cooperation in the past?   

Get into details

Really, get personal. Tell why you loved working with them.  

Bluntly blame yourself

Yes, even if you feel it wasn't you at all. I feel you.  

One word of caution

Getting into examining the past situation that created the split is not your friend.

The bright future 

Describe your goals with them. What's your plan with them?

Real and authentic

Check their openness. That’s the way you open up a new conversation.

Let's make it practical

Now, as you start to reach out to your best ex-customers, you'll know that you've nailed it when you'll start to hear: 

“Oh, my gosh, yes that's true. Ok, what have you been up to? All right, please send this new fabric you're talking about. Can you please quote this style?” 

Boom. You nailed it.

So just work on the fresh start.

It will come. 

Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not this season, maybe not even in six months, but down the road, you, my friend, will start to work again.

And dang, it feels good.

how to get lost rmg apparel buyers back

So here's the thing. I know you like real world examples. And if you'd like that then grab the free template. 

It's proven to capture buyers‘ attention. 

I‘ve tested it to make sure this template passes the test when it comes to compelling ex-buyers into action - and I taught this strategy to my members inside of Easy Enter Academy for Garment Exporter.

I's a word-for-word-template that helps you make your way through a new re-start approach.

Use this script, you‘ll have everything you need to connect authentically and with heart to grow your customers base almost effortless with previous customers.

I can't wait to hear your wins..



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Talk soon,


PS Best of success to win "lost" buyers back. You can do this, friend!

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      Hi, I haven’t yet downloaded your template but you have done a good job. I admire your way of thinking. Good luck and God bless you ?

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