Write Sales emails that get your garment buyers excited. And your orders placed.

What if you could take your sales emails ...

From bye-bye to must-buy?
From mail to money?
From so-so to SOLD

...  All with just a few powerful tweaks that take under 48 hours?

Moidul Haque

Aeximtex FC, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Heike's new Follow-Up Formula is just awesome.  I have really been motivated by this and given me a new guideline to progress my business even after the situations of pandemic. 

There were a lot of thinking in my mind which solutions have been given here. 

Alexander Suslenkov

Global Sourcing, Moscow, Russia

Excellent tool for improving performance in a difficult process of communication with new customers.

Heike's advice helps to do steps that previously seemed “difficult to do” or not working. I intuitively guessed about some actions but did not dare to apply.  And Heike's course helped me to try and understand on practice that it works.

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The LinkedIn Connect Superpack SPECIAL OFFER

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