Easy Enter Academy  

The only program you'll ever need for getting RMG buyers from Europe that support your export business for years to come.

Easy Enter Academy is the proven system that guarantees you grow the number of your customers - apparel importer in Europe - and open doors directly so that you can create a steady stream of orders, shipments, and revenue every single season.

By the end of this program you will have:


The foundational framework for selling for export

Leverage the power of 12 thinking principles that will ensure you'll confidently be able to handle any buyer situation aligned with your personality and business values. Take the guesswork and frustration out of selling to your customers and identify where to focus your energy.  



Overcome RMG buyer contact details confusion

by getting clear on how to do effective research and get contacts details like name, email, phone number without wasting a ton of time. Plus use the word for word script for dealing with gatekeepers. The simple test in which situation who to contacts - the buyer or the buying director and how.


Confidently chosen an approach strategy

and forever solved the problem: "How shall I approach a potential customer!?" Learn the steps you need to get attention and attract lucrative and aligned soon-to-be customers on hyper speed. Get buyers excited to start the business with you using the 3 most powerful persuasion techniques.


The skill to create trust instantly

Stop keeping your customers at arm's length and draw them in closer to believe in your skills and production. Learn how buyers really *tick* and use the emotional triggers you get from my garment buyer survey with 150+ RMG importers, brands, and fashion retailers. No matter what you sell.


The know how to leverage your company introduction

Pop with personality.  Create serious growth in less time. Learn how to find the exact words that buyers in Europe need to hear before they buy. And how to package up your expertise into an irresistible company introduction that attracts without you having to try too hard.

But above all else...

Easy Enter Academy will give you the skills, strategy and resources that will allow you to confidently give your business (and yourself) the gift that keeps on giving - a solid customers base that will fuel your freedom and ability to grow your business and build a life you love.

"Special thanks to Heike. I took Easy Enter Academy last year during lockdown when I started from scratch. In one (pandemic) year I generated more than 80K with 3 buyers and have 4 part-time employees now. I'm growing my business rapidly even in this bad situation."


Sourcing & Manufacturing Manager
Newstar Group, London, UK

To sum up: Easy Enter Academy will transform your business and it's officially OPEN for enrollment