"Need orders."

When you get smart with your approach, you'll stop worrying about orders. - Especially in these crazy times - where we are in right now -

You're responsible for marketing and bringing in more customers in your company?

Here's a copy & paste template to help you get the support of your CEO or HR department in reimbursing Easy Enter Academy fee.

More and more enlightened organizations are encouraging their teams to contribute by educating.




Dear ...,

Continuous improvement is something we take seriously, and it involves everything from design to quality to marketing.

Can we check out this new training from Heike Siegel from Germany?

It’s called Easy Enter Academe for Garment Exporter, and it’s an online training course that teaches the precise action steps of getting garment buyers from Europe and other Western countries.

It’s an intensive experience made of 30+ videos, worksheets, checklists, cheatsheets, word-for-word snippets, blueprints and downloadable company introductions.

Also an exclusive survey with over 150+ garment buyers (Lidl, kik, C&A... etc) that offers insights that we can't get from anywhere else.

This course will help me sharpen my insights and amplify the skills we need to move our work forward more effectively.

Previous participants have said that this course has transformed the way they do business and see opportunities.

Everything is learn-at-your-own-pace, access is lifetime so I can participate on my own schedule while still cranking at work.

The investment is 379€. Would the company be willing to reimburse me for this training?
They also offer a discount for multiple people from the same organization.

Their homepage: www.smartgarmentexporterblog.com/now

This could be the training we’ve been needing on our team right now.
Looking forward to your decision.

(Your name)

Certificate of Completion

Use it to show proof of your advanced skills for your next job or to post on social media to enhance your profiles.


use the chatbox on this page or heike@smartgarmentexporter.com or

WhatsApp: +49 151 50 46 76 27