I've been in this business for decades and I wish I had something like this to help me when I was struggling with the timing and where to put my focus.

That's not going to be the case for you :). Enjoy! Free Resource.

The best time to get new garment buyers

Today we are talking about the best and the worst time to sell your cooperation. Because getting new buyers has a powerful place in your marketing efforts.

And that’s exactly what we are going to dive into today.

So let’s get to the question

Vivek from India inspired this topic.

His question:

Can you guide me the actual season calendar in Europe? I mean when they start making collections, when do they make SMS and when are deliveries for summer and winter?

So that Vivek and you walk away today with answers and with the help you need to move your business forward. I'm here to make it a whole lot easier for you.

It’s all about timing

You could be thinking:

"If I'm not dying to get business immediately, try hanging onto it for a few months, so I can go for it when the time is right."

But when is that?

When Syed sat in his office the time was dull. Not much work, not much production going on.

He knew, of course, that this time of the year, his potential buyers are off for Christmas vacation. Spending their time skiing the Alpes, travelling to sunny escapes on the beach. Or just staying at home with family under the Christmas tree. Assuming, definitely not being in the mood to meet new potential
business partner.

He dialed the number anyway. The buyer picked the phone. Meeting got fixed. AWESOME!

The one buyer he tried to get hold of since months and months.

Apparel exporters who choose to reach out to buyers during a traditionally quiet time like Christmas may actually gain an advantage.

Getting on their radar when there's less competition.

All the rules about timing are gone

Yet, seasonal buying habits can't be totally dismissed.

It's paying less of a role these days but here are the traditional buying seasons for European retailers, brands, chain stores, hypermarkets.

Here's what a few still do.

Click here to download the FREE RESOURCE with the timings.

Divided into months and actions buyers take.

Even if you know that it's a refresher. And handy to have it as a printout.

Is RIGHT NOW a good time to sell your cooperation?

I'm putting a stake in the ground -

The good news is YES.

The best time to sell is when there are lots of buyers looking to buy.

The flip side is that it’s also when you can expect to be up against the greatest number of competing sellers.


Anyhow to get too caught up in the calendar is to miss the point

Don't let the calendar stop you to be active.

It can be a simple excuse for "hiding".

We might think: "Please, please don't let me run into the risk of being rejected because of the wrong moment in time".

Still, most companies work in monthly programs.

To me it isn't so much about WHEN to approach new buyers but HOW.

If you position your company in an innovative way that sparks curiosity, creates attention.

And gives your potential buyer the opportunity to see the value in your company- this motivated buyer couldn't care less about where they are in the season right now.

There's always room to start buying and starting cooperation.

The moral

I want to give you a word of encouragement.

The RIGHT TIME to get new buyers and to sell is ANYTIME.

Now, I want you to make it a priority of getting new buyers as a 24/7 exercise.

This is obvious, right?

In other words:

Getting on the radar of potential buyers has little to do with the time of year. And everything to do with doing it in a way that opens doors and other market factors.

When you have a fantastic offer, the best timing for your most profitable product group, and so on.

So, factors related back to YOUR offer.

Because if you do approach buyers constantly but not in a way that opens doors you have wasted all your time.

And I am not in the business of wasting your time. Here's something that you can do today. Speaking of strategy. Do you have a solid strategy for approaching new garment buyers? Are you proud of the introduction you send out and do you get the results you want?

As you likely know this post is sponsored by my free master class:

"Why adding reliable buyers feels so dang hard and what to do instead"

And that's the point when you'll feel approaching new buyers can actually be a lot of fun.

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There's still time to jump onboard, nail your strategy and get your perfect introduction done.

See you next time, until then, make it a great week,

talk soon,


PS Here's your FREE RESOURCE with the best time to get new garment buyers.

Very true!
All your tips make lots of sense.
Even with many years in this field, we tend to go with the regular boring intro of the company without piquing Buyers’ interest.
Wish we had come across earlier.
Well, better late than never.

Keep rocking… LOL

Sharavana kumar. KS

Thanks Sharavana, thanks for your kind words, appreciate and yes, better late than never 🙂 - Heike

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    • Rony

      Nice V

    • Naveed

      Hi Heike,

      Nice info .
      But not easy task as i think so.
      At the moment all orders being processed for chrismis day sellings.
      After chrismis the new developments will be offered from buyers side.
      But Heike , there i need to know about the right platform to attract buyers on spot please release good info …….

      • Hi Naveed, yes agree what you’re telling. Regarding the right platform to attract buyers… what I see is working best from my experience and from people experiences who are in the smart garment exporter community… is that approaching them DIRECTLY makes the biggest impact. If you like join me for my next free live online master class where I share my favourite 7 tips to help you to get on the radar of new buyers. Here’s how you can reserve your seat: https://www.smartgarmentexporter.com/now-enrolling/

    • Bazlur Kishan

      Hello Heike,
      I hope you are well.how I get on spot buyer told me, i am eagerly waiting long time but result is Zero
      from the begging i told you pls give me some Quantity directly LC & practically see what to do or you open sourcing office Bangladesh.you give me order here I am all responsibility.i told you never laid down you.
      Best Rgds

    • Very nice video & very helpful for me

    • Solaiman Salim

      Dear Heike,

      Firstly, thanks a million for finally filling up the huge gap we had in this “Apparel supply chain management and marketing”. Words will fall short to compliment your contribution.

      Secondly, I just saw this post and missed the “7 essential tips to help garment exporter to get connected to the right new buyers quickly”! My bad luck!

      I would like to discuss few issues with you regarding the business model of Apparel Agency as well as the Marketing and Branding front.

      Please do let me know, how to be in touch with you in a one on one level.

      Thanks again!



    • md raju

      Thanks a lot heike

    • Golam Shoaib

      Hello Heike,
      I hope you are well. how I get on Denim buyer Advise me, We need a direct buyer Buyer.

      • Thanks Golam, yes getting new buyers is not a small undertaking – but really manageable- I’m hosting a new free live online training: “How to get new buyers in 90 days.” The master skill. 7 essential tips. I hope you can make the time … by the end of this live training you are going to stand at the forefront of what’s working right now in the world of attracting new buyers.
        Maybe you have registered already, just wanted to invite you anyway.
        If you are interested – I would love to have you come, if you think it’s right for you.
        All my best

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