This is the day I’ve been waiting for.

    The day AFTER my Easy Enter Academy project with a buying house ... we call them Topfashion. (Their name is not Topfashion.)

    We worked on their approach strategy for potential new customers and on their irresistible company introduction.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching it.

    I mean, I get paid to work with my favourite people on my favourite topic.

    And I think Topfashion has done fantastic - the results will open many doors.

    But when it comes to anything that requires preparation, nerves, and endurance, the best part is always when it’s done.

    I felt the same way about my wedding.

    So why you get my message today is because I had a total AHA wake-up call today and I knew I had to tell you about it.

    After logging in that beautiful company introduction with them - I went to their website.

    I have to save you from ever having such a realization…

    Ok, before that - let me ask you…


    ... can I tell you a secret?

    The results from an exclusive Garment Buyer Survey that I conducted… I interviewed hundreds of garment buyers with the result: amazing, eye opening, jaw-dropping findings…


    For instance, this was one of the questions I asked them:


    Let’s assume you received a quite interesting company introduction. What do you do before you decide on the next step?


    • 81,8% of garment buyers said: “First thing I do is to go to their website.”
    • 36,4% said: “I go to LinkedIn and look for the person who wrote to me.”
    • 54,5% said: ”I look what Google tells me about them.”


    You had a gut feeling what maximum buyers would say, right? Almost everybody is going straight to your website. And a huge percentage is visiting your LinkedIn profile in addition to get a better idea about you. And of course, every second buyer is googling you.



    Obviously, you can’t control Google – but the other two are totally in your control…

    To make this very actionable for you:

    I challenge you with ONE THING within the next three days:


    • First: Go to your Company Introduction

    • Second: Go to your Website

    • Third: Go to your LinkedIn profile


    And look if that’s giving a congruent picture about you.

    In short: are they aligned?


    Ah, back to Topfashion today, to be fair, their website was maximum intriguing and the LinkedIn profile so inviting... this is a compliment.

    But I know, not everybody is at that point.

    In other words, your business is changing, developing, evolving. And to update frequently your branding is helping you that your potential buyers trust and believe you the moment they come into your sphere of influence.

    And that’s what I want for you.

    So go and accept the challenge within the next three days.

    No super new strategy today.

    It’s valuable enough if it makes you think, re-think or sigh in relief.

    Talk soon,

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