In today's video, I'll give you tips for your next business trip to Hamburg, Germany

Here’s the ol’ story of entrepreneurship…

You pack up your desk. Fill the suitcase with samples and documents.

Another suitcase with things to wear.

One last time you open the calendar.

With one eyebrow raised you browse through every day.

That's a lot of meetings you arranged!

In your mind you step into each week feeling in control, focused, and clear on exactly what you need to do and when.

With that, you leave the office for 2 weeks.

You enter the plane. Freedom! Gosh, you’d give anything – ANYTHING – for just a few hours quiet before you land.

But flash forward two busy and extremely successful weeks.

Now you find yourself waiting in front of the gate of the airline that brings you back home.

You wonder if you’ve forgotten what it’s like to explore the countries you've just visited.

Just for pleasure.

So that you’re actually living out the ideal business trip abroad that supports your work, energy, focus, curiosity, and the ability to recharge.

Believe me… BEEN THERE.

And in today’s episode, I’m showing you exactly how you can plan for a little spare time during your next business trip (and stick to it) in Hamburg in Germany.

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